13 PAX took the hill on Saturday in the cool 21degree temperature.

The Thang

Run around the carousel and jog to the concrete area new the food area.

15 x SSH

15 x Good morning

15 x windmill

15 x MC

10 x merkins

Run to the parking deck

Run up the first stair well over to the next and down / up the next over to the last stair well and run down and plank it out.

Merkin circuit

10 x Regualr

8 x wide grip

6 x regular

4 x wide grip

2 x regular

1 x wide grip

Run up / down each stair well and

At the bottom of each stair well 10 Merkin

At the top of each stair well 10 burpees

Plyometrics circuit

50 x quick feet on the curb

50 x front and back

50 x side to side

Repeat circuit

Run to the tennis courts

divide into 2 PLATOONS (Blue / White)

2 x grab a rock and take it to the bottom of the Jacob’s ladder hill and do 10 Burpees run back up to the tennis courts and do 10 merkins

2 x repeat and bring the rocks back up

Stay in the 2 PLATOONS and play chase with the tennis ball to the stage

each team has a tennis ball and has to through it from the tennis courts to the stage and at each stop of the ball –  people’s choice with a minimum of 8 at each exercise.


50 x LBC’s

25 x WWII

25 x American Hammers


Prayer for Tooth Fairy friend

No announcements today.