Despite the warnings of WRAL and others, a PAX of 9 did not “stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary.”  Or maybe posting was absolutely necessary.  Either way, it was great to see eight of my brothers on this January morning at Urban Jungle.

Here’s how it went:

50 single count merkins
Seal Jack x 25
Fazio Arm Circles 15 each direction
Mountain Climbers x 25

Indian Run down to Target then under deck over to railing near JC Penney

Find spot on railing:
“Ash Tray” Pull ups x 10
Four Count Dips x 20
Four Count Irkins x 20
Four Count Derkins x 15
“Ash Tray” Pullups x 8
Four Count Dips x 20
Four Count Irkins x 20
Four Count Derkins x 15

Move to base of escalators:
Run up to top of escalator next to fountain – Burpees x 10

Move to bottom of stairwell on south side of JC Penney and partner up
Stairbarrow up stairs (only could go halfway up due to ice) – 10 wheelbarrow derkins
Plan B – wheelbarrow up adjacent ramp with 10 wheelbarrow derkins

Move under deck:
Suicides to each pole under deck with LBCs at each turnaround – LBCs 40-20-10
Next round of suicides with Burpees 15-10-5

American Hammer x 30
Single Count Merkins x 50

Announcements: various races coming up including Frog thing, Mud Run, Ninja race in Holy Springs (see Box Jump)

Prayer Requests: Peacock has friend with cancer; Elsinore has 43 year old friend with lung cancer

Elsinore closed us out with grace and dignity as he always does.

Great work by all today.  I really enjoyed this Q with this great group.