Thin group of PAX for a normally packed Lourdes. 12 either conquered the fartsack or dodged the fabled “fitness test”  Kudos for those who stepped up to bat on that.  The Lourdes crew met underneath the newly built parking deck…well lit and dry.  There was a thought to take the Joyner fields, but why destroy the grass and soak yourself through to the bone. There can be just as much pain on concrete.

The Thang

quick jog from the meeting spot up to the parking deck for a warm up.

SSHx20, slow paced merkins x 20, sir fazio arm circles x 8 each way into world’s greatest stretch (if you don’t know the name, then you haven’t experienced it yet.  best one out there.)

on the line for multiple suicides.  first run was for burpees, four distnaces 1,2,3,4 burpees with 1 at the end line.  finish in plank hold.  right arm up and then reach arm underneath body, switch (7 each).

suicide #2 – sumo squats with star jump, burpee on the end line.  stair step up each exercise(1 sumo, 2 burpees, 3 sumo, 4 burpees until done.)  one legged bent over squats at the end (10 each leg)

merry in the middle;  LBC pyramid to 25 and back down. hi five push ups with partner – 15 <— lots of fun.

On to an unorganized and somewhat controversial exercise- speed skaters (Orwell had the proper name, but it escapes me).  shifting left to right and holding with the leg extended behind (much like the jpeg).  Cut Me Mick was the only one in rhythm and even that was atrocious.  ball that exercise up and burn it.

partner up back on the line for 50 burpees – one runs the length of the parking deck, while the other AMRAP before switch.

Merry in middle:  Rosalitas x 20 and Freddy Mercurys x 20

#3 – standard suicide race (winner chooses next middle merry)…Box Jump takes the victory although i did get to call “go” so default goes to last in line…Orwell.  He did however makeup for it on the merry call.  Windshield wipers x 15.

#4 – merkinfest – 10 merkins at each turn alternating between standard, diamond and wide grip. bringing the total up to 90.  Into people’s chair 5 second count around after all were done. needed to get the extra 10 merkins to end with 100.  grab a spot on the wall for one armed irkens.  nice and easy 5 each side.

Larry David heads up next middle merry with the american hammer x 40.  Peach Pit closes us out with WWII situps x 13?  an odd number…he got them done nevertheless.  good job PP.

end with COT.  announcements:  Mud Run,  BattleFrog and the Ninja Challenge all coming up.  sign up with the group.  Mud Run talk to Orwell, BattleFrog talk to Floppy Disk, Ninja Challenge talk to Box Jump.

Prayer requests – Orwell spoke on an ex-ranger in need of support through an extremely tough time.  He will stay within our prayers as well as Orwell’s personal request to lift him up.

Plebe took us out with a solid and uplifting prayer.