Weather forecast: 100% chance of rain. What is the psychology that causes us to sit in our cars until the last possible moment, then emerge to run around in a downpour for 45 minutes? As if the extra three minutes of protection will result in us being just a little drier by the end.

Nevertheless, let’s do this. Run to upper parking lot so as not to disturb the denizens of North Hills.

Seal Jack x 25
Good Morning x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Windmill x 20
Mountain Climber x 25
Plank Jack x 20
Ski Abs x 20
Plank with right arm/leg high, left arm/leg high

The Thang
Jog around the upper parking lot, adding in some karaoke and backward running. Then head to the bottom of Sisyphus. Under the bridge (hey, it’s dry!) and let’s get friendly with a rock for a while.

Curls x 20
Overhead Press x 20
Tricep Extension x 15
Merkins (alternating hands on the rock) x 15
Squats x 15
Bench Press x 20
Set the rock aside for LBCs x 30

Run back to the top of Sisyphus and knock out 10 Star Jumps. Plank to wait for everyone to complete and then head back down.

Find your rock and repeat the previous exercises but with different (fewer?) reps. Honestly, YHC forgot exactly how many we were going to do, so let’s do them until it feels uncomfortable.

Throw your rocks back and head back up Sisyphus to the picnic shelter. Make sure you step in the small lake forming along the path so that any remaining dryness is eliminated.

Freddy Mercury (aka Michael Jacksons when done under a shelter in the rain) x 30
Heels to Heaven x 20
Low Slow Flutter x 15
Hello Dolly x 15
American Hammer x 25

YHC is quickly learning how bad his memory is when it comes to announcements. There were a couple, so sound off below. A few that probably came up were Krispy Kreme Challenge, Big Boss run, maybe others?

Payer Requests
Dingo’s sister who is undergoing tests for cancer.
Costco is solo parenting while M and 2.0 are out in Cali for a few months.

Deliverance took us out, starting with a moment of silence so we could listen to the rain. Honestly, one of the cooler moments YHC has experienced in F3 thus far as it provided a great opportunity for reflection on the majesty of God’s creation. Right up there with watching the sun rise over the Art Museum grounds.

As always, a pleasure and honor to lead.