….Get me up for A-Team. 10 PAX waited until the last second to exit their cars for yet another rainy Monday at Apex Community Park. Tunes were zip locked and Tom Petty was on the machine as the disclaimer was communicated to the group as we had a soon to be soggy FNG. Yep. An FNG…way to get it started Billy from the west coast…from the Bay Area to be precise. Nice to have you brother! 4 kids will cause you to want a little early morning fun.

No shovel flag. No grease monkey…no McCants…No Wonder Bread..No RipTide…No Beastie Boys…no 75%. You fellas scared of YHC or the Rain?

Disclaimer….this BB is a best effort as YHC audibled quite a bit and the ADD was high gear.

Warm Up

Line up on the basketball courts.

SSH x 21 run to the other side
IW x 21 run to the other side
Merkin x 21 run to the other side
SSH x 21 run to the other side
Mtn. Climbers x 21 run to the other side
Mummy kicks with Fazio arm circles x 21

21 points = points scored by Ohio State vs VT.

Shoes soggy…so we head to the shelter.

The Thang

Incline Merkins, dips, incline Merkins, dips, incline Merkins, dips all x 21
Left right step ups and another set of left right steps all x 21
Prisoner squats x 21
Box jump burpees x 10
Double jump Burbees x 10
Double merkin Burbees x 10
Jump lunge Burbees x 10
Fazio arm circle Burbees x 10
Plank jack Burbees x 10

Crab kicks x 21
Derkins called by Nabisco x 10
6 inch leg holds x 21
WWII sit ups by frankin x 15
Low flow slutters x 21
Some hard exercise by Denali x 21
Freddy Merc x 21
LBCs x 21
Planks set.
Plank jacks x 35….that be the VT points vs OHIO State.


Check the web page for announcements
Prayers for Speedos dad who is doing better.

YHC took us out.

Always fun and a pleasure to lead.