The notion of a holiday break was lost on the dozen PAX that showed up at Fetzer. They were greeted with heavy rain, unseasonable warmth — and a parking deck.
Opening: 20x SSH, AC&reverse, EW, MC, Merkins
The Thang: Jog to basement level of Bell Tower parking deck. Sprint up a floor and then do prisoner squats-merkins-WW2’s 4x and continue up a floor each time, going 4-6-8-10-8-6-4 until back at bottom floor.
Then, for good measure, there was bear crawl up a half floor, sprint back … crab walk up a half floor, sprint back. “Watch for the parked cars!”
Mary: Rotation x12 – LBC, RH, MC, LSF — and burpees.
Quote of the Day: “I woke up early for this?!”  Yes, yes, you did, 2Ply.
During jog back, stopped at wall for 2 sets of dips x15.