Ah Agoge…. That training ground for warriors located on the campus of SEBTS. 8 PAX eagerly arrived at the VSF to start their week off right. Curiously missing were the brothers “hair”, and Chong. Apparently where ever Chong was, he was 90% sure to be “there.” Following a weak disclaimer with short pants and short sleeves in tow, we were off on a jog towards the quad.


  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Good Mornings x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Stan’erd Mericans x 20
  • 10 Burpees oyo

The Thang

  • Grab a spot on the low stony wall (peril immanent)
    1. Dips x15, Irkins x15, Prisoner Squats x15
    2. Dips x10, Derkins x10, P squats x10
    3. Dips x5, Irkins x5, P squats x5
  • Run back to VSF. Notice somebody placed cones on the field.
    1. Bear, Gorilla, Bear half way, 10 Mericans oyo, Sprint to end and back to half, BGB to start. AMRAP precision squats till all finish
    2. Repeato with Wide-grip Mericans in the middle. Planko-something till all get finished
    3. Repeato with Carolina dry docks half way. Precision squats till all finish
  • Jog down to base of hill.
    1. Monkey Humpers x10. backwards up, run down
    2. Star Jumps x10, Backerds up, run down
    3. Mericans x10, run up and down
    4. Prisoner squats x10, backwards up, run down
    5. Peter Parkers x10, Backerds up, run down
    6. Burpees x10, run up and down
  • Wide-grip mericans x10
  • Bear crawl up hill to parking lot
  • Paint the lines in the lot.
  • wide grip mericans x10
  • Back over to field with cones
    1. Sprint to far end, 5 burpees oyo, sprint back
    2. rinse and repeat


  • LBC’s x30
  • Heels to Heaven x20
  • The Twister x20 (really need bricks for that one. still sucks though)
  • Rosalita x20


  • Namorama
  • Prayer requests: Floppy’s daughter, and Patina’s family
  • When we post to our first F3 workout, the PAX give us a nickname. That moniker just represents who we are in the gloom. As the PAX depart, they resume life as normal and their real name. What the PAX do in the gloom, makes the PAX better at the real world. Genesis 32 tells of the first F3 workout, before F3 was F3. Jacob wrestles with the Angel in the gloom. No matter the pain that the Angel inflicted upon Jacob, he continued to fight not giving in until the Angel blessed him. Finally the Angel, blessed Jacob with a name change. Jacob, which means “grabber” or “supplanter,” became Israel, “he who struggles with God.” The rest is history. We struggle, not quitting or leaving a brother behind, through the workouts, only to bond together in the end knowing that we finished together. Go after life in the same way. Behold your families, friends, jobs, and strangers, and make others the most important things in life aside from God. We are on this journey together!! Aye!!!


  • Good to be with the Wake Forest PAX this am. You guys are strong. YHC’s last trip up was in a cold rain and a Bilo Q. Laughed the whole time. Great AO. Blessed to meet new friends this morning. Hope to see you again soon.
  • T-claps to Diego for his second post. He has taken the pill.
  • Go-Ruck challenge in October. Blue Ridge Relay in September. There are pre-blasts on the F3 Raleigh website page.
  • Where are the brothers? #EH
  • No Snuffy this am, so no rolling down the hill required. #embarrassment for YHC last time
  • WF should have a good Mud Run team. Work tough men!
  • Floppy disk has been a great encouragement to YHC. You men are blessed to have him at the helm of Agoge.
  • Good to have fellow Raleigh traveler Mick with us this morning.
  • Only 30 burpees this am. Failed to meet the required 50 for a “Mr Hand” workout. #don’tfireme
  • Honored to serve. Thanks for having YHC. Duly sharpened by you. #isi