No Myrtle. Missed out on the smoke and mirrors Myrtle Meter and all that mumble chatter. I believe some of the PAX found relief, but only briefly.

At last minute, YHC made some changes to the workout to accommodate some of our IR with shoulder injuries. It became a huge leg burner in such balmy weather and not all those layers. We started on time even though there was PAX still parking their car.

Warm up:

Jog around ball fields and to bottom of hill behind the park. On the way, we warmed up with:

  • Good AM – 25ct
  • SSH – 25ct
  • Imp Walker – 25ct
  • Windmill – 25ct


10 rounds up then down Sonora Street with 10 merkins at top and 10 jumps at the bottom. Alternating between

Top: alternating at 10 ct:

  • Merkins
  • Widegrip
  • Diamond

Bottom: alternating at 10 ct:

  • Knee tucks
  • Lunge jumps 2 = 1
  • Air squat jumps

To avoid a long wait time of squatting and planking for the faster gazelles, PAX informed that any lapping leads to an extra lap added to the total. In the end, audible called for most of the PAX to add on a lap so we could finish as a group.

Squat hold to all PAX finished, hold it then 10 count around the group. Legs were burning.

Off to BB field for 2 sets of LeBrons. Another audible and 2 additional sets were added.

And if legs were not sufficiently burnt, we celebrated with some peoples chair

  • Regular 10 count around the PAX.
  • Right leg up 5 count around the PAX. The repeat with left.

Recover on the jog to the shelter for some the coup de grâce, pistol lunges; 20 ct on each leg


  • Crotch sweats x 25
  • Tarp: 20 ct slutters
  • Screech: 20 ct American Hammer
  • Epoxy: 20 ct crunch frog

Prayers sent out to Goose and his family on the loss of his father. There was another prayer concern that escapes me.


  • There will be F2 event March 20th to watch NCAA BB. Maize will be the site Q.
  • Go Ruck in October, Epoxy added that 31 is enough

Getty took us out.