I HEARD North Hills gets higher than average PAX numbers.  I HEARD they have a hill that is quite treacherous. I HEARD it’s a favorite posting spot for some strong players within F3.  Guess 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. Disclaimed that I was a professional, and we’re off. Welcome to another edition of The Myrtle Winter Hurtle.  What’s the Myrtle Winter Hurtle you ask? Well as I tried to explain once again over the mumblechatter it is an 35 week training course, designed by YHC to get your AAS in shape. Arms (the cure to skinny arms disease), Abs (for that tanned beach bod 6pack feel), Stamina (as to not be out of breath during 4min of any vigorous activity).  Follow the Myrtle Q to a Workout Site near you, once per week for the next 37 weeks.

The Thang:

Run from parking lot towards the tennis courts, stopping along the way in the small parking alcoves for a series of Merkins. 10x Standard, 10x Wide, 10x Diamond, 10x Scissor. Circle Up, 20x Side Shuffle Hops, 20x Mountain Climbers. On to the tennis court. Suicides! 1st Round run forward down, and backpetal back suicides. 2nd round shuffle to left down, and shuffle to right back suicides. 3rd round is an adaptation of the 8-10yr bounds from the GoRuck Challenge. At each stopping point along the tennis court, PAX would go down in a plank position, and wait for the call. Some Merkins, some creative Merkins, some creative planking, and then more Merkins.  It went something like this: 5x Merkins, 5x Diamond Merkins, 5x Wide Merkins, 5x Each random planking, 5x Carolina Dry Docks, 5x Merkins, 5x Diamond 5x Scissor Merkins, 5x HandClap Merkins (let me hear that clap!)

Head down Sisyphus, towards the 440 bridge. Line Up! (Threaten the PAX to get in the water) 20x Prisoner Squats, 20x Merkins. Grab a rock (I like the word, Stone). 10x Shoulder Press, 10x Triceps Extension, 10x Curls. Run to other bridge with your stone, 10x Merkins on top of your stone, run back and 10x Merkins again on top of your stone. Now with your Stone – 20x Squats, 10x Single Leg Deadlifts each leg, 20x LBC, 20x reverse LBC, 20x Cannon balls, 20x Freddie Mercury’s, 20x Freddie Mercury’s in reverse. Run to other bridge with your stone, 10x Merkins on top of your stone, run back and 10x Merkins again on top of your stone. Throw your stone away. 20x Hammers, 20x Boat/Canoe, 20x Ukrainian Hammers (self-titled) which is a Hammer 4 count with alternating Boat/Canoes.

Run the opposite direction on the greenway, circle up for some Jack Webbs (maybe some call 11’s, with Merkins and air Shoulder press). Run up Sisyphus. YoYo won the run, so lead us in a plank-o-rama. 5x solid form Scissor Merkins. DONE.


We learned workouts are easier when everyone counts and knows the workouts. Creative names don’t necessarily have a creative workout attached to them, and visa versa. YHC parked in the parking lot (apparently 1st PAX to have the stones to do that).  YHC also didn’t think he’s ever posted at North Hills before, but realized his 2nd post ever was at that very location.  Quite nostalgic this AM, honored to lead.

Pray for Cotton’s Cousin & Family, they’ll need it!

See YoYo for BRR signup, we’ll help you find a spot if you want to RUN!

Layover took us out like a champ!