The year was 1986.   Poison was about as big as a glam band could get.  This was due to front man Bret Michaels writing gems like this…

“…I went to bed too late
And got up too soon
My poor head still spinnin’
From too much booze…”

Fast forward nearly 30 years and Bret Michaels is back!!!!  (again)  For the second time in the past 30 days, South Wake welcomed back Bret Michaels to the Mutiny Gloom.  It was a balmy 55 degree morning. Almost perfect conditions for the punishment that was looming.  A pax of 7 all showed up one hour early.  No wait, it was the first workout following daylight savings time.  YHC was questioning his judgment in committing to Q the 1st workout after the weekend’s double down AND losing an hour of sleep over the weekend.  Oh well – you get what you pay for!

The Warm Up

  • Brisk jog around the soccer field (mumble chatter was heard about the pace which made no sense to YHC as the leader – a constant six in this pack
  • SSH x 20
  • Good Morning x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Merkins x 15

The Thang

Jog down to the circle loop to maximize the hill pain and agony.  Partner 1 begins the called exersize (OYO) as Partner 2 sprints to top of hill and back – partners switch and keep the count going until the number of reps is reached.  As teams finish – plank until rest are done.  New Mexico called a good audible to extend the sprint distance.

  • Burpees x 50
  • Prisoner squats x 200
  • Merkins x 120
  • WWII x 100

Recover on the jog to the pavillion for the Chong Li special.   Sets of 12, 8 and 4 of each (on the picnic tables)

  • Irkens
  • Dips
  • Dirkens

To the tennis Courts for Peoples Chair and Balls to the Wall

Mary (led by Boots and Pants)

  • Reverse LBC X 30
  • Homer to Marge x 30
  • Chilcut Plank for 10 count around
  • LBC x 30


  • Prayer requests – Pray for Howard and Cindy as they prep for their next mission trip.  Pray for our fart sacking brethren at home in bed
  • Announcements:  Q school next Sunday

Naked Moleskin

It is great to have Bret Michaels back in the gloom.  I have been trying to be consistent all winter and it was pretty impressive seeing Bret Michaels zip past me on several sprints.  WELCOME BACK!!  Inspiring.  As usual, I can’t say enough how great it is to have the accountability in my workouts that you men provide.  Thanks for pushing and encouraging me (and the entire PAX).  We really have a great group of men down here in South Wake and I am proud to be part of it!!!

See you tomorrow!!!!