5 Pax rolled into the parking lot of the AO know as Kenny’s Graveyard. Usually lead by Yosef however plans changed after he took a spill at the convergence. Tardy is up to the plate. Today he decided to go easy on the legs due to half the pax training for either Tobacco Road or Rock and Roll marathons. Welcome back for a second day in a row Brett Micheals. Today was far from easy though.

Warm Up
Run track
25 ssh
20 good mornings
20 mountain climbers
20 merkins
10 each side arm circles

The Thang
Jog down trail grab rock (Boulder not a small rock in site)
Return back to bleachers while doing shoulder presses and over head holds
25 bicep curls
25 tricep extensions
Hold rock walk up and down the bleachers x 3
Rinse repeat taking steps in-between
25 dips
25 diamond erkins
Peoples chair

Walk over to large hill
In honor of Yosef around the clock
15 Merkins at 12 o’clock
10 Merkins at 3 o’clock
10 Merkins at 6 o’clock
10 Merkins at 9 o’clock
15 Merkins at 12 o’clock

25 WWII at 12 o’clock
15 WWII at 3 o’clock
15 WWII at 6 o’clock (audible called lbc)
15 WWII at 9 o’clock
25 WWII at 12 o’clock

Return rock while doing overhead hold and shoulder press

Run back for Mary
25 Windshield wipers
25 Low slow flutter
25 Rosalita
20 Homer to marge

Q School
October Ruck

Close out in Prayer