It’s my second Q @ The Forge and the first one there for this year. With that in mind and The Forge being Raleigh’s Premier and favorite work out that many of the PAX consider their home work out spot I feel I had to bring my “A-Game”

Warm Up:

Indian run around the parking lot for two laps (Apparently the Q needs to give the instructions clearly and louder as there were many questions of “Are we doing an Indian run?) Not looking to good thus far. Got to step it up.

Bring it into the park and circle up

  • 20 – Seal Jacks
  • 10 – Good Mornings
  • 20 – Mountain Climbers
  • 10 – Windmills

The Thang:

Jogging around the Pond with multiple stops

First stop @ the stairs line up

  • 20 – Quick Feet
  • 10 – Durkins
  • 20 – Quick Feet
  • 10 – Durkins

Jogging Continues to the Double Bridges

Lunge walk across the first Bear Crawl across the second

Jogging continues to the next set of steps

  • 20 – Quick Feet
  • 15 – Prisoner Squats
  • 20 – Quick Feet
  • 15 – Prisoner Squats

Jogging continues to the wooden bridge and Bear Crawl to the steps.

We then jog to the the multiple sets of steps by the carousel and partner up

  • Wheel Barrow up the steps all the way to the top and then flap jack (Got REAL on this one)
  • plank hold and 10 count

Jog to the shelter and grab a picnic table

  • 10 – Urkins
  • 20 – Left Right Step Up
  • 10 – Dips
  • 5 – Box Jumps
  • 10 – Urkins
  • 20 – Left Right Step Up
  • 10 – Dips
  • 10 – Box Jumps

Jog back to the Carousel and partner back up.

  • Partner 1 – Jog around the Pond
  • Partner 2 – Up and Down the Stairs with a Burpee pyramid

Flapjack once Partner 1 returns

  • Partner 1 – jog around the pond
  • Partner 2 – Up and Down the Stairs with a Star Jump pyramid

Circle up for a short but sweet Mary:

  • 20 – LBC’s
  • 20 – Reverse LBC’s


AnnouncementsMud Run and Blue Ridge Relay coming up as well as The Arena this Friday.

Prayer requests go out to Hushpuppy’s Dad and Low Pair.

Naked Moleskin:

I get a little bit nervous when it comes to Q’ing because of the athletic nature of our PAX’s and I want to make sure that I lead a good work out and people get what they paid for (i.e. Getting out of bed to come to the Gloom and post.). I’m getting that confidence slowly but surely and I just want to thank everyone for their help and support.