Don’t you just love March?  The snow has melted, warmer weather is peaking around the corner, tournaments starting up, and the time to amp up the workout pain is here.  A lucky 13 pax arrived at Shelley Lake, all with their A game in tow.  With no FNGs present, the Ice Cube disclaimer was given and we were off.


Quick run around the parking lot then circle up.

Burpees x 10 OYO, Good Mornings x 15 (mixed with Windmills – oops – I was a little foggy starting off this morning after staying up to watch the Bachelor finale #nomoremancard?), Happy Jacks 5 sets, Mountain Climbers x 20, Double Merkin Burpees x 5 OYO


Quick pace over to the docks.  Pick a spot on the railing for some Elevator Merkins:

1st Floor x 20; 2nd Floor x 10; 3rd Floor x 5

Single Leg Squat Jumps (left leg) x 10

Elevator Merkins – 2nd Floor x 20; 1st Floor x 30, 3rd Floor x 10

Single Leg Squat Jumps (right leg) x 10

Back on the trail and up to the main parking lot picnic bench area.  Partner up.  Partner 1 runs back down the path to the Monkey Bars otherwise known as the Parallel Bars (again, blame it on the Bachelor), knocks out 5 burpees, and runs back up to starting point.  Partner 2 does 10 double box jumps; 10 dips, 10 double box jumps, AMRAP dips until Partner 1 returns.  Flapjack.

As a group, Irkins x  20, single leg squats (rt) x 10, Irkins x 15, single leg squats (left) x 10

Mosey over to the parking lot for some sprint work:

Set 1:  Sprint to other end and back.  Ski Abs x 10

Set 2:  Long distance suicides.  Side plank dips each side x 10

Set 3:  Progressive suicides.  Plank work.

Run back down towards lower parking lot, turn left on the path over the dam and down everyone’s favorite, the Dam Hill, for the Final Four.

Bear crawl up the hill, 4 merkins at top, run down the opposite side.  Backward run up the opposite side (#quadburners), 4 merkins at top, run down the hill.  Repeat.  Was hoping for more than 2 sets here but the time, aka the quads, quite simply would not allow it.

Back to lower parking lot to attempt the Merkin Circle of Man.  Tighten up circle as close as possible, in plank position.  Right hand on left shoulder of pax to your right, 5 single-arm merkins IC, left hand on right shoulder of pax to your left, 5 single-arm merkins IC.


Reverse LBCs x 25; Scissors x 20; Hollow Rocks x 20.  Finito.


Announcements:  Whiplash will change to a 90 minute format starting this Saturday through mid-April, to help prepare everyone for the Mud Run.  Tclaps to Maize & Vector Victor for this idea.  Get your teams out there to train as a group, and come on out even if you’re not going to the Mud Run.

The next Arena is this Friday 3/13 2:30-3:00pm at the Healing Place Men’s Center on 1251 Goode St.  Sir Zima has the Q.  Would love to see some new faces at this AO – it’s a different workout and an incredibly fulfilling one.  Need some Qs for April – follow the link on the website to sign up.

Prayer Requests:  A praise for Orwell’s successful trip to Shanghai, prayers for Lo Pair – if you have not read this post yet, do it now –

YHC took us out.

It was an honor, as always, to lead you men through the gloom this AM.  Strong work by all.