Thursday – mid-forties.

Friday – low-twenties…. Well Alrighty Then!!!

Special Note: This Backblast will serve as a lesson to myself that one should not put off posting a blackbast when you have a poor memory. PAX’s who were there feel free to correct any errors I’m about to make.


Jog down to the bridge and Bear Crawl across then Lunge Walk back across. (A wee bit icy!)

The Thang:

Jog up to the Shelter area and grab a picnic table

  • Left Right Step Up’s
  • Urkins
  • Repeat

Jog to the curb and line up for

  • Quick Feet
  • Offset Merkins with right foot and hand on the curb then switch.

Jog to the Basketball Courts and partner up

  • Partner Carry across both courts and flap jack
  • Partner 1 – Balls to the Wall
  • Partner 2 – Sprint down and back.
  • Flap jack and repeat.

Jog around the parking lot and head down to the Volleyball area

  • Sprint and sideways shuffle between the courts and then turn around and do it again.
  • Head back towards the steps and staying to the right we start early training for this years stairclimb with multiple trips up and down. (Really felt the love of my fellow PAX on this one)

We take one more jog around the volleyball courts and jog back to the Basketball courts for abwork

  • LBC’s
  • Reverse LBC’s
  • Freddie Mercury’s
  • American Hammers

Jog to the top of the parking lot and end with

  • 5 – Burpees


Announcements – Blue Ridge Relay

Prayer Requests – Continue to look after our Families, Friends and loved ones and any unspoken concerns.

Naked Moleskin:

Riptide caught me before I left and passed this book Freed To Lead off to me. Banjo had it before him with the idea to pass it around to all the interested PAX. I’m almost done with it and it’s a great read and I highly recommend it as it gives a lot of insight into how F3 got started and why things work they way they do. With that being said it will be ready for hand off this Thursday at B.O. Any takers?