Some practice sessions in the books, the site beta tested, intel retrieved by Blue Crush, Box Jump and a few other good men. Now it’s Opening Night, a sellout crowd for the new AO, Eastbound & Down. Anticipation hangs in the pre-dawn air.

As a 2.0, YHC practiced and played soccer back in the 80s #mulletstyle at this little gem tucked into the hills of Quail Hollow. Now, as we do, F3 brings a different game to Eastgate Park.

Guitars tuned. Amps humming. Lights up. And 22 PAX take the stage for what promises to be a solid venue among the F3Raleigh offerings. Pain, punishment and some camaraderie to get through it all. It’s what you expect in F3. And here’s what went Eastbound & Down.


WARMUP: SSH x25 / GoodMornings x15 / JumpUps x20 oyo / Windmills x20


  • Run to the duck pond: Burpees x15 oyo
  • Run to park entrance: Burpees x15 oyo
  • Run back to parking lot: Burpees x15 oyo


  • Crab Walk down the lot and back / Crab Toe Touches x30
  • Wheelbarrows P1 down the lot, flapjack, P2 / Partner Dirkins x30
  • Gator Crawls (low plank crawls) far as you can across the lot, mix in Bear Crawls as needed / The Aquaman (low plank flutter kicks) x20

Run to the field

The M FACTOR (in front of soccer goals):

  • 1st Goal – Freddie Mercuries x15
  • 2nd Goal – Monkey Humpers x10
  • 3rd Goal – Merkins (std) x15
  • 1st Goal – Freddie Mercs x20
  • 2nd Goal – MonkeyHumpers x15
  • 3rd Goal – Merkins x20
  • 1st Goal – Freddie Mercs x30
  • 2nd Goal – MonkeyHumpers x20
  • 3rd Goal – Merkins x30

Run to tennis courts


  • On the line, sprint to opposite fence and back; plank x2
  • Run the outside of the courts counterclockwise
  • On the line, sprint to opposite fence and back; plank x2


American Hammers x50



  • Tremendous to have FNG Lillypad join the ranks. Solid effort. Welcome.
  • Glad to see #kotters Waldo back in the PAX. We’re neighbors. Hopefully this will lead to a few more Lakemont EH efforts.
  • Some talk of the need for more pull-up bars in our parks. If you’ve got a 2.0 earning the Eagle Scout badge, consider that as a viable option. #projectgunsbuilder


  • Whiplash will kick it up to 90 minutes starting this Saturday, and in the weeks leading up to the MudRun. #herewego
  • Watch Twittersphere for chatter about a regular 0615 preCatalyst kettlebell doubledown.
  • F3TheForum today at noon. Jesus walking on water is in the crosshairs. Hoping Denali can give us a live demonstration.


Psalm 32:1 says, “Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.” A reminder to all of us PAX that it is a blessing, a good gift, a profound happiness that comes from admitting to God the wrong we’ve done, having him wipe those things away and then depending on him to be the men he calls us to be.

  • BoxJump’s friend Kate and her husband, expecting a baby.
  • Family who lost their home in a fire.
  • The Pointe apartments–32  mostly working-class families affected by a fire on 3/8 on Navaho Dr.

Linda took a knee and prayed us out.

Thanks men. Enjoyed it, and appreciate each of you.