15 Pax  joined YHC in 45 minutes of wind sucking in the cozy confines otherwise known as Crabtree Valley Mall’s parking decks!
Anyone surprised there was running involved?

Following a rambling disclaimer was The Thang:
Ssh x20
Windmills x20
Imperial walkers x20
Fazio arm circles x10, reverse x10

Find a curb for
Quick feet x30

Behold! A Ramp! Let’s do 10 hand-release Merkins at the bottom and top of this one and two more.
First ramp, bear crawl
Remaining flats, carioke
Remaining ramps, backward run

Gather at top of westernmost stairwell, partner up by speed
Down one flight and proceed with
Merk-and-Go (Is that what you called it, Deliverance?): partner 1 does 3 hand-release Merkins, partner 2 runs
When partner 1 catches partner 2, #2 does 3 hand-release Merkins, repeat until arrive at top of escalator. That’s a fur piece, gentlemen!

11’s, with audibles and intermission lap!
Standard Merkins at top of escalator, American Hammers at bottom
Bear-crawl down stairs (run down stairs after intermission!)
Hop up stairs (run up after intermission) – this lasted only one iteration; big-time audible on that one!

Follow-the-leader, drop for 10 hand-release Merkins on command, running recoveries
Run to Belk entrance

Repeat Merk-and-Go, same partners, to stairwell where it all began

Down stairs to Mary:
30 LBC
20 Low fast flutters that YHC initially inaccurately called low, slow flutters

No announcements
No prayer requests, except for our lungs (!)

EC to Deliverance and Fava Bean for running from North Hills Park – and clown-carring back!

Special shout-out to Chippendale, Blue Crush, Cherie Berry and My Boy Blue for setting the pace throughout!

Good work, gentlemen, it was a pleasure and an honor!