“Gloves are highly recommended” was the tweet that went out Wednesday night… note to those not on twitter.. Get a twitter account – Sputnik who is still living in the age of the cold war.

The day started a little slow as YHC must have turned off the alarm in his sleep but woke in plenty of time to rouse the family, feed the kids, do the morning stuff, make coffee, grab water, and then head off to the stinkiest workout in F3.

Flag was planted, some good natured banter was shared, Billy was ribbed for his running during VQ, Riptide introduced FNG [HS friend of Chong Li], YHC graciously loaned a pair of “stinky” gloves to Sputnik, and disclaimer was stated with lots of errors but point was made and we were off.

Warmup up # 1: Slow 1/2 mile Indian Run to Depot with stop on the way at the bank for:

  • 8pt man makers 10ct OYO
  • 2 man leg lift 30ct OYO
  • Homer to Marge with leg on box 20ct each left then right leg
  • Finish off Indian run to depot

Warmup up # 2 at Depot:

  • SSH 20ct
  • Mountain climbers 20ct
  • Good morning 20ct
  • Windmill 20ct

THE THANG: Jog around Depot for each station

  • Shelter for Pull-ups 10ct
  • Rock pile for 10ct each of – curls, tricep curls, press
  • Railing for Irkens 10ct
  • Benches for box jumps 10ct
  • Crabwalk to Shelter – watch for the busses.
  • Pull-ups 10ct
  • Railing for Spider monkeys alternating move left then right. That second railing is long
  • Rock pile for 10ct each of – curls, tricep curls, press [This time around YHC, FNG and several others Biggy sized their rocks].
  • Benches for box jumps 10ct – OOPS, men are starting to congregate for next train so audible for quick feet 25ct, waiting for the bus to pass.
  • Crabwalk to Shelter – watch for the busses.
  • Pull-ups 10ct
  • Rock pile for 10ct each of – curls, tricep curls, press
  • Arms feeling a bit like spaghetti and we are pushed for time.

Indian run to “Fidelity Bank”

  • Diamond merkins 10ct
  • With time closing in, audible called and jumped to Mary, dealers choice;
  • Russian Hammers 25ct – Riptide
  • Boat / Canoe 15ct Sputnik
  • WWII sit-ups 20ct Franklin

Times up


  • Welcome FNG “Long Board” Derek Sharpe [HS Buddy of Chong Li]. “Hey, I ride short boards”. Yeah, whatever.
  • Announcements: Join the men of Cary for Barley Pops at “Pharmacy Bottle & Beverage” at 120 E. CHATHAM ST. CARY NC 27511 the last Thursday of the month at 6:30
  • Prayer Concerns: Ma Bell asked for prayers for Anna
  • Sputnik lead us out in prayer.

NAKED MOLESKIN: Once we arrived at the Depot, there was a man and his grandson waiting for the next train. The grandson, ~ 8 followed us around the Depot and watched us and sharpen ourselves. I hope it is a memory he will remember.

With arms a bit on the spaghetti side as YHC entered his 4th F3 F1 in 4 weeks, he was a little gassed and asked the PAX after the prayer, “What are you kids most excited about over the summer?” Swimming was unanimous, swim lessons, several going to camps, some have summer jobs.

Thanks men for this opportunity to Lead Guide and Serve. If you have not had the Q experience, GO FOR IT.

Getting up for an early morning workout is a small decision.  Choosing to make that same decision, regardless of the circumstances, requires character. Fountainhead

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