There’s an involuntary side-glance that occurs at The Blitz. The PAX can’t help but do a check: Who’s wielding the biggest Bell? And among the hearty men gathered today, our estimation of Tecumseh’s Bell seemed to increase as the Beatdown progressed. By the end of the workout, was it 65 pounds? 88? 105? He assured us we were overestimating. Whatever the case, we hoisted the Bells at 0530, and this is what went down.


Warmup – Classic Rock – All the Heavy Faves

Overhead Kettle Bells to Stairs

  1. Staircase-Ramp-Staircase

Top of Stairs – KB Swings x15 / Curls x15 / Overhead KB Press x10

Overhead KB Carry down Access Ramp – KB Squats at half-point

Bottom of Stairs – Right-Arm swings x10 / Left-Arm Swings x10

Run to top of stairs and down sans KB

Bottom of Stairs – Bent Rows R x10 / Bent Rows L x10 / Bottoms-Up Right x5 (5count hold top of each swing) / Bottoms-Up Left (5count hold top of each swing)

Overhead KB to Top of Stairs

Top of Stairs – Figure 8s x15 / Tricep Extensions x10 / Around the Body Swings Right-arm x10 / Around the Body Swings Left-arm x10

Overhead KB walk to the Bleachers

2) Bleachers – Lying-Down Tricep Lifts x15 / Overhead KB Sit-ups x20 / Bent Rows Right x10 / Bent Rows Left x15 / Lying-Down Tricep Lifts x15 / Overhead KB Sit-ups x20

3) On the Track – Plank Rows Right x10 / Plank Rows Left x10 / Overhead KB Carry to Track entrance / Woodchoppers Right x10 / Woodchoppers Left x10


Nice work, Fault and Tecumseh. Two good men to meet in the 0-Dark-Thirty gloom and lift Heavy Metal with. Aye.

Workout complete, we returned to the back of the Cougar lot to find one Bob Villa there, the trusty Blitz site Q and all-around Brave Captain. Villa’s day job required him to do some not-day-job duties, working from midnight to 0600, and he met us to collect the KBs. Thanks, Villa. Get some rest, brother.


  • Return to the Blitz. It’s good living. Fault’s at the helm next week.
  • Other stuff is happening. Listen for it.

Tecumseh took us out, praying for God’s help in all our endeavors. Amen.