Okay, not so dark. Actually not really dark at all since the mall florescents light up the outdoor areas quite well. And really not too stormy either, the astroturf was barely damp to the touch. As he is often reminded by M.Dice, YHC sometimes exaggerates to make a story a bit more interesting. Ah well, literary license and all that nonsense.

North Hills Mall Update:
The bent lamp post (which now resembles the leaning tower) in front of the Movie Theater is still not fixed. But they have put a couple of orange cones around it to warm people not to get electrocuted or I guess so they don’t lean up against it or try to hang off it? Meanwhile construction of Ego Tower Two has begun across the street. So they can make progress building a 10 story parking deck/office building no problem, but that lamp post repair is so tricky it needs to have some civil engineers flown in from MIT. Any bets on how long it will take for it to be fixed ? – stay tuned.

Mall security and cleaning crews were M/UF today, apparently they don’t work in the drizzle. Q-Shack Employees really do get there way before 6:00 AM to start their daily meat rack up. Chic-Fil-A had the Orkin man stop in (pest control is obviously a high priority there because this is the second time I’ve seen ’em out in the last 4 weeks). I think there might have been a guy passed out asleep from a hard night of apple ciders in the outdoor seating area of the Fox and the Hound as the body didn’t move during our entire workout. And I’m wondering who walks their dog around the concrete circle there as the nearest grass has to be at least 500 yards away…. at least I’m hoping that was really just dog poop in front of the theater – I didn’t volunteer to pick it up to find out. (Uhmn, Baby Ruth. Bill Murray you one funny guy).

Oh how I digress when trying to avoid a cold wet early morning workout….

Getting down to business, three Pax showed despite the drop in temperature (OMG, it’s under 60 degrees. Break out the Parkas and the electric hand warmers) and the minor mist of intermittent cloud spit. Azul did ask what Dice does when he calls a Q and nobody shows….. answer: He kicks his own ass.

The Thang:

Warm-up: AstroTurf
25X SSH, Slow Pace (2 per 4 count cycle, 50 reps)
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x SF Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch

Station 1: AstroTurf
10x Merkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
10x Irkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
10x Carolina Dry Dock (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
Rest 20 Q Count

10x Merkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
10x Irkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
10x Carolina Dry Dock (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
Rest 20 Q Count

10x Merkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
10x Irkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
10x Carolina Dry Dock (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)

Station 2: One Tier Fountain
15x Dips
15/15x Step ups (15 start one leg then 15 start other leg)
15x Derkins
Rest 20 Q Count

During set-one a few of the Urban Jungle Pax led by Larry David peeked their heads up from the parking deck stairwell to discover real men were working out in the rain. The moles got a little wet during one exercise and went back down into their underground lair for comfort.

10x Dips
10/10x Step ups (10 start one leg then 10 start other leg)
10x Derkins
Rest 20 Q Count

5x Dips
5/5x Step ups (5 start one leg then 5 start other leg)
5x Derkins

Station 3: AstroTurf
20x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
30 Q Count Plank
20x Ski Abs
30 Q Count Plank
20x Low Slow Flutter
30 Q Count Plank
20x Elevated Crunch
30 Q Count Plank
20x American Hammer
30 Q Count Plank
30 Q Count 6 Inch Leg Hold
30 Q Count Plank

50x SSH, Fast Pace (2 per 4 count cycle, 100 reps)


    Next Recovery Road Work-out is:
    Lame Duck: Friday 5:45 Root Elementary Lassiter Lot; Tin Cup is Q

I am flipping the Monday and Wednesday sites next week – No sprinklers at Amphitheater grass this am.

Next Week:
Disabled List: Monday 5:45 at NHills Mall Movie Theater AstroTurf

Injured Reserve: Wednesday 5:45 at NHills COmplex Midtown Amphitheater – Chuy’s Restaurant Grass.

The Pax of 3 walked on over to the parking deck to join the Urban Jungle crew in their COT already in session.


One FNG today and he was hazed with a reading of an email sent to Orwell by his M.FNG and a bunch of mumble chatter ensued – apparently this guy’s wife either really loves him or thinks he’s a complete goof in need of some serious Man Card Time. But either way we now know more about him than many of the Pax who’ve been with F3 more than 6 months. F3 Name could have been (****) Flute (nice….. Costco & Elsinore in concert), 90210, Dylan McKay (and whomever remember that full name should probably turn in their own man card for a week), Peach Pit, and about six others…but finally came back around to Band Camp (again) at which point Larry David put his foot down and moved on. Welcome Band Camp – thank M.Band Camp for letting you come out and play with us, sounds like she’s a keeper.

MudRun is 10/25 10/4

Mule is 10/25

Payment to Fazio Gnard Dogg if you are taking the bus.

Prayer Requests:

I missed out on whose father was having some difficulties – but thought go towards him.

Elsinore asked for prayers for Laura Yost (15 year old from Morrisville involved in car accident last week who passed away yesterday) and for Keith Jones (13 year old Wake County student killed in a hit and run waiting at the bus stop yesterday morning). Prayers for their families. Can’t let my mind contemplate that for more than a few seconds at a time.

BOM: Rain Man took us all out – Keep your loved ones in your thoughts, and prayers for those who’ve lost loved ones. Thank you for the opportunity to get out and live, to be better fathers, husbands, sons and friends.