3 PAX for a crisp, pre-ruck through Meadowmont and 2ndF along the way.   Great fellowship & discussion focused on the status of our current world.  Solutions to those problems were created.  Stay tuned as Mumbles, Beano & YHC stand by to save the world.

The Thang

Well… someone who shall remain nameless (psst…Blindside) had mistakenly believed that he was Q’ing OCL today.  A search of the F3 interweb will confirm that Alf & YHC were the confirmed hosts at Rashkis on 12/15/16… so the morning was set.  YHC admittedly should have circled us up for a quick count (esp. given our FNG…read on for more), but the run was simply calling too loudly. Good reminder of the chance (& need) for each of us to: #alwaysgetbetter.

The PAX moseyed back up the Rashkis hill towards the Rizzo Center hill.  Upon arrival all PAX continued to SSH while instructions were given:  10 lengths of the hill; 5 up & 5 down.  SSH at the bottom until all PAX* return.
*All PAX accounted for at this moment… but that would evidently soon change (see COT below)

We launched back up the hill to circle up in plank position.  Editor’s note: Mumble chatter was strong early on… but curiously tapered off somewhere on the hill. #Coincidence.

  • Alf lead the PAX throughout a merkin pyramid, including some super-special diamond merkins. 100. Recover.
  • YHC led a pyramid of jump squats to ensure that our lower halves were fully engaged. 100. Recover.
  • The PAX moseyed back to the playground where partners were chosen and the pullups began.
  • Pullup pyramid.  100 total.  Recover in plank.

Alf lead the way with 20 WWIIs (OYO).
Beano finished the PAX with 3…long…minutes… of Superman/Banana.


*Well…as we made our way through name-o-rama, it quickly became clear we were down a man. Namely, FNG-Bill was not with us.  YHC takes full responsibility for his loss and sends humble appreciation to Foreclosure for ensuring FNG-Bill was OK on the hill.  As we ascended for our merkin pyramid… it appears that FNG-Bill…well, disappeared.   Thankfully he was found safely back in the parking lot after COT… doing merkins OYO in the dark.  Another #Qlessonlearned.

Prayers for Champ.  (Just because.  Champ:  keep being Champ).
Prayers (real prayers) for all PAX expecting 2.0s in the coming months.
Reminder/request to remember the opportunity to do small things, but create big impact each day.
Announcement about deadlines, drop-off and requested items for Operation Sweet Tooth.
2ndF planned for 12/22.  8pm at Sam’s on Hwy 54 in Durham.