per the call out of a certain Pax on my lack of consistent BB, here we go.  A group of 30 strong descended upon the capital surrounded by a group of news trucks with frozen news anchors waiting to be filmed.  The special session had finished up, there was some short term political banter and choice words. Moving on. One fng posted now know to the community as Vandelay.

YHC thought it a good idea to warm up the Pax strategically in view of the WRAL camera.

20x SSH, World’s Greatest Stretch, 20x IW.  A sprint down to Jones street where another news anchor was talking. We led a quick sprint back up the hill right behind him and then off to the green square parking deck.

The thang:

split into 2 groups. Group 1 goes to the top of first level and amrap merkins.  Group 2 runs up, past 1 and to next level.  Drop into amrap merkins. Continue all the way up.  At top squat hold, plank progression + slow down to lph and slow up to plank.

Back into the run.  Same program, but prisoner squats to the bottom.

Circle up at bottom for tri-pyramid lbc, merkins, squats.  5,10,15,20,15,10,5

run back to starting point for some well deserved merry…

table position with outstretched arm and opposite leg. Hold then switch.  A little mumble chatter about knees on concrete but it was short lived.

Low slow flutter x 25

heels to heaven x 25

american hammer x20

end off with Guantanamo courtesy of Countrywide’s request


big prayers answered for man crush – his mom is fighting hard and is getting some positive medical reinforcement on treatment.  Continued prayers MC.  Prayers for those without food and shelter in these freezing conditions.  Haven house tonight and Christmas party on Monday.

Fng posted – Vandelay

Getty led us in a strong prayer on the out.

Great work gents on a cold morning.  Everyone battled and finished strong