9 Pax gathered at north Cary park for YHCs maiden Q. Weather was great…little warm and everyone was a little concerned about the Cones in the Lot….we never used them…just a smoke screen. Let’s get smoked!

Warm Up:
2 laps around the parking lot, circle up at basketball courts. Side Shuffle Hop x20, mountain climbers x20, imperial walkers x20, merkins x20.
Line-up on sideline, shuffle ½, job ½ down and back. High knees, jog, butt-kickers, jog. Count off 1’s and 2’s, remember your number for later.

The Thang:
Run to first bridge – bear crawl across, dips x20 on the other side, lunge-walk back across.
Run to next bridge – bear crawl across to greenway.
Grab a rock, very limited selection. No rocks in this pile large enough for Ma.
1’s, without rock, run to the top of the hill, 15 burpees, run back down the hill
2’s, rock curls till 1’s get back.
2 more sets – Hill-runners, 20 star jumps. Bottom dwellers, rock press.
​​Hill-runners, 20 sumo-squats. Bottom dwellers, rock raise in front.
Mosey to return rocks.
Lunge walk back across bridge, run to the top of the hill. At this time “Largemouth, you SUCK” could be heard from back in the pack……………success!!
20 plank-jacks. Run to shelter.
At shelter: 1’s – run down to volleyball courts, around the outside, run, shuffle, back-pedal, shuffle, run back to shelter.
​2’s – 20 burpees, then 6-inch leg hold.
Mary – LBCs, box cutters, Slutters, WW2 sit-ups.

Announcements: 4/18 – Convergence at Chavis Park, 4/25 – F3 Dads, Fletcher 9:30 AM workout, bring the kiddos.
Prayer Request: Burt’s mother-in-law as she continues to recover and makes the transition back home.
Largemouth lead us out in prayer.

It was an honor to lose it with such a fine group of men. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.