Thirteen PAX came out to Cletus ready to get after it on a sunny Friday. It is great to have the numbers climbing after seeing several of the same ugly mugs all winter. Two FNG’s finally came out after much persuading for the past year to help set a record number at Cletus for 2015. Welcome FNG Pong and FNG Moby. (Mother’s Basement was a strong name, but Pong stuck)
Warm UP
Karaoke run up the road to the parking lot in preparation for a fast paced workout.
Side Straddle Hop x20
Good Mornings x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Fazio Arm Circles x20
The PAX split into two groups for a ½ mile Indian Run challenge. First group back planked it out and the last group back had the great pleasure of knocking out 10 burpees.
Time for the rocks! Everyone picked out there favorite rock. Staying in the two groups one person from each group did a backwards run to the end of the lot followed by a sprint back to the group. The rest of the group did alternating six inch leg hold chest press with the rock and arm curls until everyone had completed the run. This is where the first signs of the grunt fest began.
Quick set of 20 tricep extensions with the rock followed by a set of 20 overhead rock press.
Toss the rocks and sprint back to the tennis courts.  Partner up for a suicide wheelbarrow session. Grunts were picking up steam at this point. Line up for a suicide bear crawl. Grunts were strong.
Ski jumps x20
American, Russian, Ukrainian, Hammer x20
Six Inch leg hold
Plank hold for a five count around the circle
Boat Canoes x20
Spiderman Merkin x20
Outstanding work by the PAX this morning! Recent newcomers pushed it strong while regulars gave it their all on the runs. Peak Week gave an overview of the Go Ruck Challenge in October. Planning for a 2nd F for Thursday at The Mill was discussed. Reminder that F3 Dads is tomorrow 9:30 at Fletcher Park.
Prayer requests for a co-workers father who passed and the Holly Springs runner that was hit by a car this week.