Catalyst comes with options these days. It’s BRR season which means two things; 1) some PAX want miles, and 2) some PAX don’t want miles. YHC (running BRR) had the Q and Rainman (injured from BRR training) had the non-running Q. Pick your poison. 24 showed up with one FNG (Ham Bone)… disclaimer given.


SSH x 15, IW x 10, GM x 10…. time to decide. Run or no-run. 19 went with YHC and 5 went with Rainman.

The Thang (running option)

Run down Rowan to Gates. Instructions as follows:

Run to Currituck stopping at two side streets for merkins x 10.

Flutter x 25 at Currituck.

Double indian run from Currituck to Macon stopping at one side street for merkins x 10.

Double Indian run from Macon to Yadkin with burpees x 10 OYO at Yadkin.

Run down Yadkin stopping at the bridge for:

dirkins x 10, irkins x 10, dips x 10…. repeat

Right on Allegheny and down the Greenway. Bear crawl the bridge and run to the rock pile at the underpass.

curls x 10, overhead press x 10, bent over ruh-rohs x 10…. repeat.

Run up Sisyphus…. crowd pleaser…. plank when done. Flutters x 20.

Double Indian run to the entrance of NH Park.

Run down Currituck to Rowan with 2 stops for Prisoner Squats x 10 at each stop.

Run up Rowan to Six Forks with 3 stops for burpees x 5 at each stop.

Friar Tuck tells me we have 13 minutes to go. Honestly, i thought we would be pressing time by now. PAX was pushing hard and we still had time to spare…. doh!

Run to the upper parking lot for sprints and AMRAP exercises. Exercises as I remember:

Merkins, 6″ leg hold, sumo jump squats, hammers…. at least 5 more but I can’t remember as I was pretty wiped at this point.


Costco led Sir Walter Raleigh Scuba Buddha x 25….. done!.

YHC took us out.

Announcements – new Thursday workout – Green Flash – at Green Elementary – see Zima for details. New Wednesday workout at West Millbrook – start date TBD – see Grady for details. Q’s needed everywhere. Bring cash or old workout clothes/shoes to Zima, Duff or Countrywide for the Arena.

Prayer requests – FNG had one for Gary Joiner fighting in ICU at Duke, Prayers for those working through family challenges.


  • Not much to say here…. i was spent (we covered almost 4 miles and hit Sisyphus/other hills). PAX pushed hard with Burgundy & Friar Tuck out front. Franzia cussed a lot.
  • Rainman got out of a backblast

Always a pleasure.