56 Degrees this Monday Morning at North Hills Movie Theater Astroturf. After a Midnight to 4:00 AM deluge, YHC was debating starting off the post in “Carcinogen Cave” (Parking Deck), but upon arrival at 5:45 A it was hardly a mist settling down. The astroturf was soggy and some standing water present but Dice let the faithful know we’d get our warm-up in then hit the fountain for some muscle building – but all the rolling around on the ground would be reserved for the covered alcove of the Target entrance.

Some small talk on the SuperBowl started off while waiting on the appointed time…. nothing too noteworthy. One wonders why Coach GQ Dapper “Daddy” (I hear that’s what his cheerleaders might have called him back in his college coaching days)didn’t give the ball to the Running Back known as Beast Mode when his team had the ball on the 1 yard line on first and goal with 1:00+ left in the game…. like four times in a row? Instead, the QB got the call which resulted in an interception…. and a tweeter fest of comments ensued…. “Vintage NCSU ending”…. for what it’s worth…. Wisconsin (Under Barry Alvarez, Brett Bilema and Gary Anderson) would have run it four times with or without a running back like Marshawn (I gotta check that my package is still there after a touchdown) Lynch win or lose…..(Of course, Coach Clothes Pulled Back Out of the Hamper had his QB throwing in the first quarter on the 10 yard line going for goal…. and it got picked off so…)

Anyway, the Thang started with the rain holding off until we were under cover and then stopping right as we finished ball of man. Wet with sweat rather than rain….

F3 proper disclaimer followed by the Recovery disclaimer….and we were at it;

Warm-Up: Soggy AstroTurf
25x SSH, Slow Pace (2 per 4 count cycle, 50 reps)
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x S.F. Arm Circles, Reverse
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20×2 Q Count Standing Leg Over Leg Stretch, Reverse
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrug, neck Roll – reverse
20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch

Set 1: JCP Fountain
15x Irkins (Studs: 2 per 4 count cycle, 30 reps)
15x Dips
15x Alternating L/R Step-ups
15x Derkins

10x Irkins (Studs: 2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
10x Dips
10x Alternating L/R Step-ups
10x Derkins

8x Irkins (Studs: 2 per 4 count cycle, 16 reps)
8x Dips
8x Alternating L/R Step-ups
8x Derkins

Set 2: Target Store Front (Avoiding the mid post deluge)
Modified Dirty McD

12x Prayer Squat
12x Standard Merkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 24 reps)
12x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 24 reps)
6 Inch Leg Hold around Pax cicrle, 15 count x5

12x Prisoner Squat
12x Wide Grip Merkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 24 reps)
12x American Hammer (2 per 4 count cycle, 24 reps)
12x Low Slow Flutter

12x Sumo Squat
12x Diamond Merkins (I don’t think anybody doubled up here)
12x Freddie Mercury
12x Heels to Heaven

12x Squat Jump
12x Carolina Dry Dock
12x R-LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 24 reps)
12x WWII Sit-ups

Recover with Stretching:
Seated straight leg stretch for 20 Q Count
Butterfly stretch for 20 Q Count

Recover with Yoga positions: 30 seconds each
Downward Dog
Modified Cobra
Frog (Child’s pose)
Armadillo (C-Curve)

Mary: 10s – rapid call out exercsie, 10 reps, no rest between sets
10x Prayer Squat
10x Standard Merkins
10x LBC
10x Prisoner Squat
10x Wide Grip Merkins
10x American Hammer

Plank-O-Rama: 15 Pax Count per positions
Regular, Sarkozy, Regular, Putin, Regular, Chilcut

Count Off (5)


The Forum – Bible discussion: Monday 12:00 Noon – Somewhere up Six Forks by 540 (Panera or Sola Cofee?) – Tweet Friar Tuck for info.

Wednesday – Injured Reserve 5:45 at N.Hills Amphitheater / Chuy’s Grass. Cornholio Qs

Friday – Lame Duck 5:45 Root Elementary Lassiter Lot – No Q quite yet

Prayer Request:
Tater-Tot and family with a third 2.0 on the way (today).

Orwell took us out.