“Once a year the eyes of the nation turn to this tiny hamlet in south western Wake County to watch a master at work. The master? Punxsutawney Burt, the world’s most famous Pax, who, as legend has it can predict the coming of an early spring. So I guess the question we have to ask ourselves today is: Does Burt feel lucky?”

And with that we’re off…

Warm-up jog around parking lot

SSH x15
Good morning x15
Squat x15
Mtn Climber Merkin x10 (3 MCs between Merkin)

Mosey to Shelter

7 laps around parking lot with exercises at 3 stations

Station 1:  Derkin/Dip (14 each first set, 12 at next lap, 10…2)
Bear craw to Station 2
Station 2:  Sumo Squat/Box Jumps (14 each first set, 12 at next lap, 10…2)
Station 3:  Double Burpee / Double Merkin (1 rep first set building to 7)
Various planks while pax finish

Elevens:  Irkins / LBCs

Wind sprint around parking log

Rosalita x15
Low slow flutter x15

COT: Ma Bell launches Cary’s latest workout tomorrow: Field of Dreams. Post!

Great work today. For the record, Burt didn’t see his shadow…unless the Seahawk balloon tied to his shorts counts.