YHC arrived to Williams Park on another wonderful Monday morning with absolutely no plan. In Countrywide’s honor, it was going to be a FBTSOYP (fly by the seat of your pants) type morning.

10 PAX escaped the fart sack and entered another soppy, muddy gloom at The Crucible.


Long lap around the park.
Mountain Climbers x20
Standard Merkin x15
SSH x20
Grassmat x20

It was at this point that YHC knew what direction this post would take. The #mumblechatter was potent and it revolved around the rain, the ground, and the rain’s effect on the ground… mission “find as many puddles as humanly possible” was a go.

The Thang: 

From COP to the end of lower parking lot.
Burpee “Mile” from one end, to the other.
-Broad jump, burpee, broad jump, burpee, etc. (approx 60-75)

Mosey to sopping wet, sandy track with standing water.

Partner up for Merkin tag.
P1- takes off
P2- Standard Merkins x5 and chase down P1.
Flapjack and continue until 50 merkins, or 5 laps, whichever came first.

Still on the track and in partners, we moved to the middle of the loop. Right in the heart of the track was a dense mud pit with plenty of slosh to go around.

P1- bear crawl to track and back
P2- AMRAP of an exercise

#1 LBC’s
#2 Burpees

Modified Suicide while partner did AMRAP exercise-
Down: Back peddle
Back: Forward sprint
#1: Burpees

Speedy mosey to the shelter, then at the very last possible second veer away from the shelter into the tennis courts.

Wind sprints– P1 to the far fence and back, P2, BTW. Flapjack and repeato x5

Mary: Rosalitas

Hope everyone brought a towel!