Nine PAX members hit the weekend on the tail of a whip with a theme of your battle buddy pushing your performance. Let’s see what went down:

Mosey into NCMA to see the sun come up for COP.

COP – SSH, GM, Mountain Climber, PlankJack, and Merkins.

Mosey to the hill toward 440. Run approximately 2/3 of the way down the hill. Race your battle buddy to the top. Winner does 9 burpees and loser does 11 burpees. #YHC did 11 each time. #myboyblueisquick – Four times up the hill. #suckfest

Mosey toward the dojo. Push-A-Rama – Diamond Merkins, Wide-Arm Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, and Merkins.

Head to Dojo – In the dojo, Box Jumps x15, Dips x15, Left/Right Step-ups x15, Derkins x15, and Irkins x15. x2

Run to the lake (don’t jump in – #Huxtablespecial) – Grab your battle buddy and run around the lake. Each partner runs the opposite way and meet on the other side of the lake and then run back to where we started. x10 each side. 1.) Hand-shakers, 2.) Star Jumps, 3.)Hand Shakers, 4.)Burpees.

Mosey toward parking lot. Stop for lunge walk #nabspecial

Stop at main building. People’s chair and balls to the wall. x2

Run to the parking lot. Mary – Knee up, American Hammer, and LBCs.


Naked Moleskin:

* YHC wanted to run some hills this morning and try out a small race format. We picked it up quickly and YHC might have toasted himself early.
* MyBoyBlue is a track-star. Don’t try to race him. #truth
* Nabisco came out of the hollowed grounds of Cary to grace the Whiplash crew this AM. Keep checking into the early crowd brother!
* Lutz hit his second F3 work-out this morning. #TheJudge/#Whiplash combo is a good start, bro. Nice work!


*Krispy Kreme – Bring your sweetie.

Master Builder took us out.

Always an honor to spend a morning with each of you.