YHC announced in the Pre-Blast and upon embarking on our NCMA Tour today that each man would go at it solo.  Of course, it is likely you will (and did) end up with those paced similarly.  No FNGs so let’s circle up for COP.

20X SSH, 20X IWs, 15X Windmills, 20X Mountain Climbers

YHC provided a quick run down of the course and we headed out quickly for…

The Thang

Head down the Capital Area Greenway towards the Bue Loop and veer left toward the amphitheater, stopping ~100 yards before you get there at the Big Grassy Hill (BGH) to your left.  Pax also referred to it as the Knoll, so an agreed upon name is needed here for future use.

Perform a set of 7s on the BGH with Merkins at the top and burpees at the bottom.  Method: run to top -1X merkin, run back down -6X burpees; run to top -2X merkins, run back down -5X burpees; remainder are 3 & 4, 4 & 3, 5 & 2, 6 &1.  YHC did not factor in the large amount of morning dew present on the BGH, so the PAX added a few ounces of water weight via their shoes by the end of the workout.

After the last burpee @ the bottom, head back the way you came towards the duck pond.  Think of the pond as a watch face and you will enter at:

6 o’clock (bridge):  20X Jumping Sumo Squats.

Run to 9 o’clock:  20X Carolina Dry Docks.

Run to 12 o’clock:  20X Mountain Climbers (both legs equal 1 cycle)

Run to 3 o’clock:  20X Parker Peters (both legs equal 1 cycle)

Back to the BGH and Repeato entire loop until time is called.  YHC called the the Pax to gather at 6:10 and planked at the bottom of BGH till everyone convened and we charged the hill one more time up and over to head to the parking lot.  A few minutes of Mary consisting of 20X LSF and 30X Merican Hammers.

Naked Moleskin:

-Strong work by all the PAX.  Stat sheet shows ~3 miles covered and ~21 hill repeats along with 40 of each exercise above.  Your typical A-Team was up front and finished 2 loops plus a third set of 7s. #power

-The Judge continues to be an excellent playground for fast-paced, strength training races.  So much more to come from this venue.  The BGH will be revisited.

-Our Site Q Denali tweaked his back during the 7s, but I’m sure he’ll be back to Beast-mode in no time flat! Heal up quickly, brother.

-Prayers for Cherie Berry’s friend’s family as they lost their son to an accident four years ago.

-YHC took us out with prayer in BOM.  Always an honor to lead and work hard with you men.