8 Pax entered the realm of YHC’s first Q.  Luckily for all, it was a cool morning with a beautiful sunrise…. so I heard.  But it was a good time to be had by all.  Great to have Coach Daughtery back running with the pack after a major gut bomb.

The Warm up:

  • Side shuffle hops x 20
  • Good mornings x 15
  • Mercants x 20
  • Sir Fazio arm circles x15
  • Reverse Sir Fazio’s x 15
  • Air squats x 20

We then took off around the school, with Coach D carrying the merlot bucket, just in case YHC needed it for some special cause, not really sure.  He just liked the bucked.  We stopped at the inner circle of trust where the school buses sit and idle their diesel fumes in the midst of the gloom.

The Thang: Circle of Pain

  • 1/2 loop Bear Crawl
  • 1/2 loop lunges
  • 1/2 loop gorilla hops
  • 1/2 loop 1 legged jumps


  • Spiderman on the double rails x2
  • People’s chair x 2

Then, time for some playground fun: Supersets of pull ups and various mercants.  We split into 2 groups.  Group 1 hit the pull up bars, the Group 2 did mercants.  Then flapjack with incline merchants and pull ups, then flap jack again with decline mercants.

  • pull ups x 30
  • mercants x10
  • incline mercants x 10
  • decline mercants x 10

Time for some over and under.  We paired up in groups of 2.  One pax jumps over the planking other pax, then drops to plank.  Pax 2 now jumps over pax 1, then he drops to bridge, where pax 1 army crawls under the bridge, then forms a bridge himself and pax 2 then army crawls under and completes the cycle.  Then the whole sequence starts again.  Make it halfway down the field for 5 burpees.  Then same over-under back to the starting line, greeted with 10 burpees at the finish line.  Oh what fun!

Next, we headed for cover under the pavilion:

  • 25 left/right step ups x 2
  • 25 prisoner squats x 2
  • 20 dips x 2
  • 10 dive-bombers or prison breaks


  • LBC’s x 25
  • Slow scissor kicks x 25
  • American hammers x 25

That concluded the show.  Everyone tipped their waitresses and took off into the sunrise.