8 is enough for a great WolfRun!  On a dark & cool morning we covered approximately 3.25 miles around campus.  Sunshine rolled in 2 minutes late as usual (gets a break for newborn and Night Nurse), disclaimer was given and away we go!

Jog to Main Rd, Butt Kickers>High Knees>Butt Kickers>High Knees.  Stopping at intersections for Burpess x 10 OYO.  After 3 intersections, we had arrived at the best view of downtown Raleigh to work on our short game.

Circle up:

SSH x 30 (mumble chatter from Munson about inappropriateness)

Good AMs x 10

Carolina Dry Docks x 30

Windmills x 10

Mountain Climbers x 30

Recover on the run…

Hit the Halfpipe, Dips x 10 (to bookend Halfpipe action)

OYO Run to tree at the top and Merkins x 10, back down to leap the rail and up to top hill by lake and LBCs x 10. Repeato x 3.  Plank until finished.  Realizing some folks were gassed we passed up sprinting up and down a perfectly good hill to head to the stairs.


Up hitting every step with both feet, and down to bottom.

Up hitting every step alternating feet, and back down.

Up hitting every other step with alternating feet.

Running short on time (pun intended), we headed back to the starting spot with planking along the way.

Finished with sprint up the hill to finish line.

No time for Mary.


Strong work by the PAX including Sheneneh’s 3rd post in his 1st week back to F3 all while getting a FNG and returning PAX to post today (I believe his total count was 3 FNGs in his 1st week back to F3).  Noble effort by college guys getting up at 5am to workout on a Friday (especially with an engineering exam today and/or no class).  Mentioned by the older PAX that this never happened in their college days (YHC included).

The Mule is coming up October 25th.  Do it!  T-Square says it’s not hard.  Munson says it’s hard.

Solid turn out for 2nd F at Boylan Bridge Brewpub last night.

YHC took us out.

Great job to the PAX and I appreciate the opportunity to lead.  AYE!