10 PAX.  Two shovel flags planted. Tailgaiter Rock Box Fired Up.  Springsteen Pandora Queued.  Rio on time. Bull Dog from South Charlotte welcomed…who BTW was pretty excited about the vote in the UK!  Disclaimer noted.  Mr. Lazy on the Q….running a similar workout Monday’s A team in Apex.

Off we ran to pick up 5 rocks and head to the basketball courts….again…just like Monday at the A Team.

Warm Up:  SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Heismans (for Jameis), Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Squat Tysons, IW’s


30 minutes of continuous sets in 45-30 second intervals.  No break.  Here are the excercises:

Rock curls x 2, Rock Presses x 2,  Wide Grip Merkins, Burpees, Left right step ups, Squats, Six inch leg holds, star jumps, LBC’s, plank jacks, balls to the wall, peoples chair, suicides, high knees, karaoke, dips, derkins x2, irkins x2, Bench Rock Presses.

Plank – o – Rama:  Standard x 10 count by down the line, Putin x 5 count and Sarkozy x 5 count

Mary:  Ski Abs called by Bull Dog, box Cutter called by Wonk, Russian Hammer by Rip Tide and LBCs by Banjo.

Gentleman…enjoyed the Q this am and I will put this one on the shelf….however, the Tank and Tunes will remain a constant.


Prayers for the students at Panther Creek who were injured in a car accident this week…one young lady is in very serious condition.

Wonk took us out.