Iron Eagle has proven to be a diverse weekly beat down, and YHC thought it was time to focus on laying the GR PT ground work. 5 Pax fought off the urge to fartsack on a rainy, damp morning.

Ruck weights varied as some brought full load out, some brought bare minimum and some left their rucks at home… this individual got the 80# sandbag for the duration.

Warm up:

Load up a 35# KB, 60# / 80# SB and moved towards Dawn Patrol.

1.1 miles later, we warmed up.

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 count forward
Overhead claps x25
SFAC x10 count reverse
Hip rock backs x20 OYO
Burpees x10

Ground work:

Rucked up to the lower field near bathrooms (which was partly closed) and lined up on one end.

100 yards of alternating OH carries, Lunge Walk, Bear crawl ruck drags (x3), low crawls, sprints, etc. Although this was a blur, the time on the dirt was key for those who haven’t experienced good livin’ yet.

To the playground for AMSetsAP of 10 Pull ups and 10 inverted rows (under ruck). Got through 4 sets of that and hit the pavement for 3.5 miles home.

Headed towards Crabtree to hit greenway, then back around towards AO start point on the hunt for a log. We found one. At some point all PAX had coupon and it was raining.

PT test to finish.

2 hours, 5.1 miles and a solid 55 min of grueling PT.

Strong work for a Saturday!