It seemed a lot of ground had been covered on the last several editions of the The Judge so YHC decided to have none of that.  We stayed central to the NCMA Ampitheater taking in very little of what the grounds have to offer.  At least a few PAX indicated that this was OK with them…good, let’s go!

Warm Up:

Disclaimer claimed followed by a yog around the new(er) NCMA Building

Meet at the circle of statues and circle up for Warm Up of: SSH X 25, IWs X 20, Windmill X 15, MC X 25, Merkin X 10

The Thang:

Partner up @ top of amphitheater

P1 runs down path, around back of amphitheater and up the steps back to the top to tag out P2 and switch

All the while, partner not running performed reps of:

15 Spider-Man Merkins

20 Jump Squats

15 Peter Chilcutts, er, check that Makhtar Ndiayes

20 Freddie Mercury

Repeato until Partner returns

Stopped at 6:10, gathered and headed back up to parking lot for COT

Bono representing F3 ENC took us out in prayer -thanks, and come see us any time!


  • Several discrepancies raised following the workout on who actually completed the most laps to claim the VT so we’re currently reviewing the tape -Team Fungo/Money Hose claimed it for 5 Pts but there were claims of more than one false start/botched exchange. Red Card was nominated for beating the entire PAX.  This is TBD.
  • Chippy incorporated a chair into the workout which was not allowed so he was DQd
  • Great crowd of 17 for the workout and a fun time was had by all


  • The Mule March 10th -sign up

Until we meet again!