YHC and others have been pushing it hard for Run Ranger Run for the month of February and it’s been great to see so many guys getting involved and supporting each other.  The challenge was sent out to get your miles with either Runs or Rucks.  Headlights came pouring in right before 5:30 and some old faces were making some appearances!  Starting to get warmer weather which is always nice after the sub freezing we’ve been getting. Never Bad Weather though just bad equipment.  If people can survive all over the earth I’m sure we can survive 45 min in the gloom.

The Thang: PNG decided to start talking trash again about the wolf puppies and the Burpee bet was set again for the UNC/State match up.

8 PAX strong today line up for some warm up, jogging high knees, but kickers, soilder walks and open gate stretches.

Indian Run to Aldi from Faith Community Church, great pace by the PAX and good push during the sprint to the front. A lot of new faces today but unfortunately more State fans.  Nobody else willing to gamble with 25 burpees though. I question their fanhood…

PAX instructed to run up to top of Timber as fast as they desire, Plank-a-rama upon arrival until the six arrives.

Catch me if you can with partner (5 Burpees) each time you are caught (let them catch you Ziploc) and Al Gore for the six once at Aldi.

PAX gathered up for some “WIMPIE LEGS”

15 Squat Jumps, no rest, 15 Jumping Lunges, no rest, 15 Mule Kicks

( The Mule coming soon in F3 Raleigh FYI)

3 Rounds with 10 count from the PAX between each round

Scout run back to the Flag with Jailbreak for the last 100 yards. Decided to give PNG and state boys a head start, last time I’ll make that mistake.  PNG pulls away at the end.

Time left for some more Burpee warm up for all my state fans out there. Burpee Suicides (20 yards, 40 yards, 60 yard) each 5 Burpees with run forward there and backward back. PAX in the front has the right away to avoid collisions. (It’s happened…right Cold Cut? haha).

Plank after 1st round for the six, Repeat Burpee Suicide and Al Gore for the six again. Recover.

BOM: Continued prayers for sick family, jobs, leadership in homes and community.

Announcements: F3 going to Clayton and Benson in the near future! Come help get it started if you can make it!