Pax of 13 at PC w/ 8 taking on EC before the workout.

EC:  Emeril, 187, CHiPS, Nemo, Pikachu, Dog Pound, Deadbolt, Mookie, Patch

Vests: N/A

Fartsacks:  0

Excuse lexicon addition: N/A

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog

½ Mile Jog – 3 teams of 4 carrying the hoses.  4 stops for SSH, Squats, Curls x50 and Hose Press x50.

The Workout

Tennis Courts: Partner up – 1 partner runs suicides while the other partner does:

Round 1: Merkins
Round 2: Squats
Round 3: Core Work as called out by Q
Round 4: Peoples Chair/Balls 2 the Wall

Hoses to the guardrail – Tricep dips while the hose is laid across legs/knees.

Burpess Namo Rama

Mary and stretching

Total running ~1.8 miles

ATT run Sunday February 25th to Durham – Do it all or join for part of it. Lunch to follow.

Mule March 10th


Prayers: Kevin Chamberlain and his family


#temptationseries – When to comes to temptation, you are not alone.   1 Corinthians 10:13