15 Pax showed up on a great morning #startyourweekright and we got down to business.  Munson ran the group to the upper parking lot where YHC was waiting, speed stations and all.

First, our backblast title came from a brief encounter with a passerby making his way home in the early morning hours.  While performing what the pax described as **120 yard (vs 100 yard) sprints, we stared down a vehicle heading our way.  My initial reaction was to run directly at him with 15 craized pax and play chicken with this unknown invader.  But my instincts said “play it cool TARP,” we made room for the passing Chrysler Town and Country. As he went by, the window rolled down and he said:  “You guys scared the shit out of me!”  I can’t blame him.  15 chiseled pax would scare most folks at 545 in the morning.

On to the workout!

The Thang

Warm up

  • SSH x 25
  • Windmill x 25
  • Mountain climbers x 25
  • Shin grab x 8 then sprint
  • King David kicks x 8 then sprint

**Lets get the blood flowing – 100 yard dash x 2

Series of exercises!

  • L/R stepups x 25
  • Irkins x 15 with 10 sec low hold
  • Derkins x 15 with 10 sec low hold
  • Double tempo L/R stepups x 20
  • Irkins x 10 with 10 sec low hold
  • Derkins x 10 with 10 sec low hold
  • Double temop L/R stepups x 20

Speed and agility drills

Split into two groups, half pax start at speed ladder while other half start at the set coness for the lateral W sprint.  Go through drills three times.

  • Carolina Dry Docks x 25 with 10 sec low hold
  • Head over to the stadium for Bulgarian prisoner split squats x 10 each leg with a 10 sec low hold
  • Irkins x 10 with 10 sec low hold
  • Reverse jump ups (now named Spud Webb’s) x 20
  • Derkins x 10 with 10 sec low hold

Back to the speed and agility drills.  Started at the speed ladder, dealers choice in ladder exercise. Run over to the cones for the DB Drill.  Run through this twice.

Head down to the parking lot.  Bobby Patreno’s up the hill, flapjack with partner.  Duck walk length of parking lot just to finish off your legs.


  • Hello Dolly x 25
  • Windshield wipers x 20
  • Russian hammers x 15


Notes, thoughts, ideas, briefings, etc

  • Mule part duex on Sat!!! Be there
  • Charlotte pax named Ribeye is going to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire this week and could give an F3 shoutout.  I had no idea this was still on TV.  No pax involved had any idea when it was on and our friend Eager Beaver said it could be downloaded from something called the interswebs.  I don’t know…good luck finding this show.
  • Shout out goes to Munson who post 6 times…LAST WEEK. Went over to Umstead and ran 8 miles with Enron and his crew Sunday morning, then post for ZH today.  T Claps to him.
  • We might as well call him Reverend Fungo.  Excellent job taking us out this morning.