7 PAX braved the 28-degree morning for another installment of F3Durham… the thang…

– Indian Run for 5 minutes
– SSHx25, merkinsx20, Windmillsx10, mountain climbersx10
– plyometrics 10 yards and back: high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, bounding

Indian run between each station

– group 1 does 10 burpees while group 2 runs 2 hills – switch – repeat cycle
– everyone does jump squats with high knees x10
– group 1 does single leg russian squats while group 2 does alternating jump lunges – switch – repeat cycle

– partner squats (other person on your back) x10
– partner basket carry x25 yards
– 19 decline merkins for the cleaning lady at the Duke undergrad dorm
– single leg hops up and down stairs x3, switch legs

The key to todays workout – the Riggs car push – from a dead stop, push the car up a slight incline as far as you can in 30 seconds
– while car being pushed, everyone else is doing another exercise: low slow flutter, LBCs, air squats, burpees, merkins, lunges, air squats

Mary: everyone gets at exercise for 1 minute
– alternating burps
– hello dollys
– alternating plank knee drives
– something (sorry floyd)
– bicycles
– side planks (putin and sarkosy)
– thrust ups


– Tclaps to Key West for his first workout.. finally, an FNG that won’t spill his merlot (I kid, flying J)
– Tclaps to our personal war daddy, shooter
– Tclaps to Floyd who went out to walmart at 6am to find a watch so he could show up to the workout on time with a handwritten workout… 2 weeks early…
– Tclaps to M.Seinfeld for being un-defended as long as she was…