7 PAX braved the 28-degree morning for another installment of F3Durham… the thang…

– Indian Run for 5 minutes
– SSHx25, merkinsx20, Windmillsx10, mountain climbersx10
– plyometrics 10 yards and back: high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, bounding

Indian run between each station

– group 1 does 10 burpees while group 2 runs 2 hills – switch – repeat cycle
– everyone does jump squats with high knees x10
– group 1 does single leg russian squats while group 2 does alternating jump lunges – switch – repeat cycle

– partner squats (other person on your back) x10
– partner basket carry x25 yards
– 19 decline merkins for the cleaning lady at the Duke undergrad dorm
– single leg hops up and down stairs x3, switch legs

The key to todays workout – the Riggs car push – from a dead stop, push the car up a slight incline as far as you can in 30 seconds
– while car being pushed, everyone else is doing another exercise: low slow flutter, LBCs, air squats, burpees, merkins, lunges, air squats

Mary: everyone gets at exercise for 1 minute
– alternating burps
– hello dollys
– alternating plank knee drives
– something (sorry floyd)
– bicycles
– side planks (putin and sarkosy)
– thrust ups


– Tclaps to Key West for his first workout.. finally, an FNG that won’t spill his merlot (I kid, flying J)
– Tclaps to our personal war daddy, shooter
– Tclaps to Floyd who went out to walmart at 6am to find a watch so he could show up to the workout on time with a handwritten workout… 2 weeks early…
– Tclaps to M.Seinfeld for being un-defended as long as she was…

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  • Floyd you are a featherweight 235 lbs. No problem. I wasn’t slowly dropping you I was actively getting shorter as we made our way. BTW Riggs that was Shooter and I who were pushing the car all the way up. Doogie was the cheering squad for Shooter’s triumph.

  • That was an awesome workout. Almost died when my shoe fell off while pushing the car but it was worth it. Tclaps to Seinfeld for carrying me in his arms. It was like we were walking on quicksand.

  • Great workout, Doogie. Tclaps to you and Shooter for pushing the car all the way up the hill. And, as Seinfeld clearly stated, he wasn’t defending M.Seinfeld.

    CK, looking forward to the drop in. May not want to make it Feb 2, a lot of us will be out of town.

  • You should try to make it back out to Durham one of these days… not the same schlubs we were in October…

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