An unofficial record 12 PAX showed up in the former creek bed that is Roanoke Park.  Thanks to a refreshing but steady rain the creek bed morphed into 100% mud pit. 


Jog around the park; SSH x 30; imperial walkers x 20; forward arm circles x 10; backward arm circles x 10; roundhouse kicks x 20.


Classic heavy metal stations workout.  6 stations, 6 two man teams, 2 minutes per station.


  1.  pull ups (repeat sets of 5);
  2. cinder block straight arm raises and single arm shoulder presses
  3. kettle bell clean and jerk (50 and 35 lbs bells)
  4. get rid of the body – both men carry 80 + lbs punching bag up hill around tree and back down.  single leg deadlift until expiration of 2 minutes
  5. reverse decline plank 30 count, medicine ball toss
  6. mama junk flip.

Run full lap around park, uphill stretch includes high knees, but kickers, karaoke both ways, backwards run.

Back through all six stations, 2 minutes per.


  • On what was the rainiest day in the history of Heavy Metal, we had an unofficial record 12 PAX.  Tclaps.
  • The mama junk flip was in an absolute mud pit.  Increased degree of difficulty for feet and hands.  Good to see mama again.
  • 50 lbs kettle balls may sink and disappear in the mud.  Keep an eye on them you don’t want to have to stop the workout so Chong Li has to get out his underground detection goggles.  #lifeofaspy
  • #merkinfreeworkout