28 strong, including two FNGs, for today’s edition of F3 Late Night.  The absence of floods today made for perfect conditions for keeping a fast pace and getting where we all needed to go.  No ten counts, no rest, no redirects, just swift movement, and justice, lots of justice.  Other than the need for a form check on aisle Fungo, everyone seemed to push themselves to the place they needed to be, and they didn’t even need to be #disclaimed.


Mosey to soccer field via greenway.

COP Warm Up – SSH 25x-Windmill 15x-Squats 10x-Merkins 10x

Ten Rounds with Tyson (sprint to 50 – 10 reps – sprint to end line – 10 reps – back to 50 – 10 reps – sprint to start line)

  1. LBC
  2. Alternating Lunge
  3. Wide Grip Merkin
  4. Russian Hammer
  5. Sumo Squat
  6. Diamond Merkin
  7. Reverse LBC
  8. Knee Jumps
  9. Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to other soccer field

Dirty McDeuce (4 rounds – 3 sets each – upper/lower/core – 4 counts to 12)

  1. Standard Merkin/Jump Lunge/WW2 Situp
  2. CDD/Prisoner Squat/Freddy Mercury
  3. Diamonds/Backward Lunge/American Hammers
  4. Wide Grip/Split Squat/Oblique Crunch

Mosey back to soccer field 1

Sprint down and back

Mosey back to launch point with plankage interspersed



  • F3 Wilmington – Launch 6/7 – Hugh MacRae Park – 0700 – See Johnny Utah or Chong Li to get involved
  • Tir Na Nog on 6/12
  • Crotch Rocket World Tour at PR on 5/28 (7-9)
  • F3 Dads on 5/31
  • Komen on 6/14
  • Memorial Day Murph on Monday – Pullen Park – all other workouts cancelled
  • Wake Forest Workout launches 6/2
  • New Wednesday at Williams Park starting 6/4
  • Prayers for Nemo’s baby