Four men ventured into the gloom to take on Cletus (personification of Holly Springs Womble Park) and as always Cletus prevailed in the end.  You may think that Cletus is dull given that he is from the sticks but he’s crafty and has lots of resources to throw at the pax.

Jog up to baseball fields and warm up with 25 side straddle hop, 15 good mornings, 25 mountain climbers, 15 merkins, 20 cross over imperial walkers, & Sir Fazio arm circles for good measure

Cletus took us out to the baseball field and worked us over for a series of four sets of 20 count balls to wall, Mary exercise of each pax’s choice, followed by a sprint back and forth across the outfiled

Over the horseshoe pits for three sets of irkins, dips, & dirkins using the backboard for elevation

Over to the playground for ten pullups

Finish up at the tennis court with five minutes of Mary of which the grand finale was a two minute chill cut plank hold (a lot harder than it sounds)

We hope to throw more men at Cletus next week for the official site launch and spread the pain a little.  Its a great Park so I hope some guys from the area can join us on Friday the 30th at 5:45