My alarm clock didn’t go off! Daggonit, I thought. Not again! But I didn’t realize what had woken me up. It was my 4-month old in the next room. Without looking at a clock, I headed to the nursery to pick up the little guy and bring him to his food source. When I returned to the bedroom, I was pleased to see that the clock read 5:05. Nice! I didn’t miss it after all!

20 PAX gathered in mostly high spirits to take part in the latest and greatest Cluster-Q. Look it up in the lexicon if you’d like. The temperature was quite nice, low 40s. No FNGs, so telepathic disclaimer given and we were off.


We made our way to the baseball fields, stopping multiple times for:

  • Plankjacks
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles, forward and reverse
  • Overhead claps
  • An assortment of planks
  • J. Lo’s
  • A couple other things
  • Another thing or two


Once at the ball field, partner up. Partners will run opposite directions in a lap around the entire field. When you meet in the outfield, each guy does 10 partner derkins. When you meet again at home, do 20 sumo squats. We did this cycle 5 times. When the cream of the crop finished, rotate b/t BTTW and People’s chair until everyone finishes, then do a set of each with everyone. YHC looked at the watch and saw we had about 12 minutes to get back to the parking lot. Sure, let’s start heading back.

We again made a few stops on the way back and did a variety of planks, merkins, squat holds, squat pulses, etc. We staggered the run having some of the slower folks take off while the gazelles did squat pulses before chasing. Good thing we had a slow Q!! I was the Six (of the gazelles, though…That means something, right?).

To finish things off, Billy run back to the lot.


  • LBCs x 20
  • Box Cutters x 15
  • American Hammers x 20


  • Count-o-rama: 20 – 4 RESPECTs, 3(ish) hates, 13(ish) mehs
  • Name-o-rama: still 20
  • Announcements: COSTUME PARTY NEXT TUESDAY AT FIELD OF DREAMS, nothing else.
  • Prayer Requests: man, there are a lot of families hurting right now. We lifted them all, and even were able to praise God in the midst of terrible situations. May we never lose perspective, and let us live and lead with true strength


  • I had originally planned to plan this workout in advance.
  • That didn’t happen.
  • Sometimes I think I do a good enough job on the fly that people think I actually planned the workout.
  • Usually I at least come into a workout with ideas…like, maybe we’ll do 11s. Or maybe we’ll run 3 miles. Or maybe we’ll do a Beast, or Blimps, or Dora 123.
  • That did not happen this time.
  • I literally showed up, got out of the car, and asked myself “So, what are we gunna do today?”
  • So, I stole an idea from Whiplash. We don’t have a nice pond to run around at Bond Park (yes, there’s a lake, but it’s too large for what I was thinking). Instead, we ran to a baseball diamond.
  • After all, that’s why I didn’t plan anything. I was up until midnight watching the Cubs get beat.
  • A few PAX remarked that I was surprisingly somewhat subdued. I was actually sleep-walking.
  • Somehow, our warm up took like 15 minutes. I hadn’t anticipated it taking that long. But I had a strong desire to keep the PAX together.
  • I made a guy puke.
  • I mean, it was after the workout so I didn’t see it first hand. But it happened.
  • Well, at least according to the merlot spiller it happened.
  • I guess we can probably trust him.
  • I’m not going to tell you who it was though.
  • Only cuz I know it’d drive Riptide crazy
  • “For the love of everything holy…WHO PULLED THE ELVIS AT DANGER ZONE?!?!?” – Riptide, about 3 months ago.
  • Still one of my favorite things that happened this summer
  • That, and my son being born. Those two things were pretty great
  • Was cool to see new faces today. There weren’t any FNGs, but had some guys come back who only started a few days to a week ago. Strong work!
  • Aristocrat said he had planned to come Tuesday but couldn’t push himself out of bed. Ah, I remember those days!
  • It was Sunday.
  • Whiplash is a destroyer of worlds.
  • Big shout to my RESPECT homies. I’m always blown away by your ability to continually kick butt
  • I had a good partner for the Ballpark Laps
  • I gotta go home now