22 strong showed up at the Jungle looking for some fun and games. No FNGs… disclaimer given anyway. We got straight to work…

The Games (warm-up)

SSH x 15, Burpees x 5 OYO

GM x 10, Burpees x 10 OYO

Sir Fazio L/R x 15 each, Burpees x 15 OYO

The Fun (thang)

Brisk jog over to the Citizen’s First building

11s – spiderman merkins, up and down the stairs, WWII sit-ups….this one took a while #lotsofstairs

LBCs, plank hold, Putin, Sarkozy, prisoner squat plateau (5-10-10-5) until PAX finishes.

Mosey back to parking garage….long stop lights… squat hold while waiting

Dirkins x 10, dips x 10, irkins x 10

quick repeat x 7 each….. #shakyarms

Mosey up to level 2

Peoples chair 5 count x 11…. 2 inches lower… 5 count x 11

Sprint to the end and back (thank Maize for this one)…repeat x 3

Mosey back for Mary

LBC x 20

Hammer x 20

Plank x 10 count – Peter Parker x 10 – Chilcut x 10 count – Chicut Peter Parker x 10…done

Excellent work by the PAX today. That was a tough set of 11s and it was great to see the encouragement out there.

Announcements – Mud run: sign-up, Flag footbal 4/18: sign-up, F3 Dads 4/25 at Fletcher Park, Whiplash 90 minutes for mud run training

Prayer requests – PAX members family and friends suffering from health issues. Pray for strength, healing and support. Electrolux asked to keep his family in your prayers as well.

Beaver took us out!


-I had a lot more planned but the 11s took a while longer. Doesn’t seem like much but I was pretty spent by the end

-I love Dice‘s warm-ups. I hope he didn’t get mad with our limited warm-up. Nice work today, Dice!

-Strong work by Electrolux. Great to see his commitment and no quit attitude

Zima is fast for his young age

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. Great work by all.