Welcome to this week’s installment of F3 Raleigh’s most challenging Thursday morning workout.  Ever hear that great things come in 5s and 11s?  Me neither.


Run w/ all PAX down the path towards the Rings of Fire, and continue on the path, around the bend until we get to the bridge at the small lake at the bottom of the hill.  YHC will point out the loop that runs around the small lake (for those less astute PAX) and then all PAX will take off at their own bestest pace.  5 laps per PAX, with 20 merkins (good form merkins, not #maizemerkins dry docks) at the end of each lap.

Upon completion of 5 laps/100 merkins, head to the nearby bottom of the BMF hill and bear crawl up the hill.  5 burpees at the top and run back down.  Repeat for a total of 5 trips up the hill.

After reaching the top of the hill the 5th time and completing burpees 21-25, turn right and head up the hill to the warehouse.  Get as far as you can with a set of 11s, with the second Ring of Fire being the lower location for the 11s exercises.  Merkins at the warehouse, burpees at the second Ring of Fire.

If you get thru the 11s, do back-flip burpees OYO until 6:10.