On this nice cool morning 15 Pax showed up to help YHC work off his trip to the Convention/Disney parks. After travel and eating a lot of really good food and sweets, YHC needed a good strong workout. So why not have a Disney themed workout and let the good folks enjoy the same fun that I did?


Warm up:

Nice light jog around the field and circle up

SSH 15

Good mornings 10

Imperial walkers 20

Sir Fazio Arm Cr. 10+10

High Knees 15


Let the trip begin!

We’re  late for the Airport! Sprint to the field for the travel portion of the workout.


Split up in 3 groups. 1 man from each group picks up luggage( 2 30 pd Rucks)and runs down field 100 yards to cones and turns back 100 yards while rest of group are doing randorama

We have safely arrived in Orlando!


Conventions are always the same, sitting and listening to vendors hoping to find something you can use for your business. Burpee’s are always the same but when you add 10 Merkins and run 100 yards at the end a lot of pain can be felt!

1 Burpee’s + 10 Merkins. Plank it out, run down 100 yards

2 Burpee’s + 9 Merkins.

Repeat 10 times until 10 Burpee’s and 1 Merkins. That’s 55 Burpees and 55 Merkins

Convention is over, free ticket to the Disney Park!!!


Rides are awesome but how can you translate the pain and suffering of walking around and standing in line? Well I hope you all feel my pain.

Standing in line: Spiderman crawl up the handrails by the dock. Run around and bear crawl back up the ramp. (We threw in a little Mary to catch our breath after the burpee’s)

Now the fun begins!!


Space Mountain: Running Jump off the truck dock (yelling Wee!) It’s a ride after all! Run up and down and around! Steps! When you run down you yell Wee! When you go up you make the sound of the roller coaster heading up the track. This sound was up to interpretation. Mine was a clacking sound, but I there were a lot of strange sounds that came out of PAX running up and down and around for 5 Minutes.

Tea Cups: This is an easy ride. Run around to the planters 10 Erkins, 10 Dips 10 Step ups

I am running out of time! Too much to do not enough time!

Fast run back to the field for the last ride (That I had time to deal out)

People Mover: All PAX lay on the ground with hands up while Lightest PAX Corral lay on his back and travels along the pushing hands. That was too easy. Kanye! Where Kanye? Now that was fun! Sorry about the fingers!

I did not have time for the Big Thunder Mtn. Railroad or Slash Mountain

COT:Praying for Van der beeks Family Member

Mud Run coming up. Training next Saturday Kanye is Running the Cooper River Bridge This weekend. Good Luck.