With those opening words, YHC began another edition of “True Grit” and was clearly still thinking about the absolute beatdown Pergo put on the PAX last Friday at Flood Zone.  YHC quickly recovered and called a 10 burpee penalty on himself – and why not, PAX – 10 burpees.  With 1 FNG present, I gave a short disclaimer, reminding the PAX that we’d be running…. a lot… and then we did the thang…POAS – Pearls on a String #ReadFreedToLead

WARMUP:  SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x 15, Prisoner Squats x15

Run up the hill and on the path towards the boathouse.  YHC had the PAX find a spot on the railing for Dirkens x 15 and Irkins x 15.  Run down path and across the bridge passing some early AM walkers along the way.  Stop on other side for Peoples Chair on the retaining wall until all PAX arrived.  YHC called for Balls to Wall right as the older ladies we just passed walked by – lets just say there was a noticeable kick in their step right after that called exercise.  RECOVER – run down path some more – past the ladies and then plank for all PAX to catch up.  Run down the path and take a left on the path towards the neighborhood.  Stop at pole – partner up for the following:

  • Wheelbarrow up hil, run back down and flapjack

Exit Shelley Lake to bottom of Lakeway Drive.  Split into two groups of 4.  YHC called for the reverse Teeter Totter.  This part of Lakeway Drive is essentially the bottom of a U with hills on both sides.  Group 1 would run up and back one side of Lakeway Drive while Group 2 stayed at the bottom and did a called exercise AMRAP until the running group returned.  Group 2 would then run up and back the opposite side of Lakeway Drive while Group 1 would repeat the called exercise AMRAP.  Both groups ran up both sides of Lakeway Drive twice.  Called exercises were:

  • LBC’s
  • WWII Situps
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Freddy Mercury’s

After a brief recovery, we bear crawled down the path back into Shelley Lake to the pole where we had started the wheelbarrows earlier.  Same partners – Partner Carry down the hill, run back up to the pole and flapjack.  Plank at the bottom until all PAX finished.

Run back towards the parking lot.  Along the way we stopped for Lunge Walks, Partner Carry across the bridge and then a brief stop at the boathouse for more Merricans and Irkins x 20.  AYG run/sprint back to parking lot for Mary.

Mary:  American Hammers, LBC’s



  • Flag Football fund raiser for Neighbor to Neighbor – looking for 30 guys to help – $15 per person to help fund a FF league for this ministry.  Info is on the Raleigh BB pages.  Saturday April 18th is the fund raiser.  See Zima or Macgruber
  • Mud Run – April 11th – keep training

Prayers for Hush puppy.

Naked Moleskin:

  • Welcome FNG Rockmaster (Bailey – works at Fred Smith Company).  Turns out, he lives right across the street from Shelley Lake.  Hope to see him again.
  • Debbie is a strong fast dude – pick him for your Mud Run team or GoRuck if he’s in
  • Spring has started poking it’s head and you can tell – more folks exercising in the wee dark hours of the gloom at Shelley Lake.

Enjoyed the opportunity to lead you this AM.  Great job.