Alternate Title – “You can avoid ED”.  More on that later….

For YHC, the Blitz has become one of my favorite weekly workouts when I’m in town.  TClaps to Bob Villa for moving it to Carroll Middle School a few months ago.  This was my first time as QIC and having fully recovered after last week’s downpainment from CutMeMick, I sensed I had to switch it up a bit…make it my own…or simply copy Gnard Dogg.

So the Tweet went out promising a playlist of sorts.  I had no idea how much fun it would be…from the start.  11 PAX started – 1 forgot to check his clock but we ended with a strong 12… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

WARMUP – SSH x 30, Fazio Arm Circles x 15 forward and 15 reverse, Imperial Walkers x 20, Prisoner Squats x 20. Quick countoff 1’s and 2’s.  YHC then starts the Playlist – first up – Tom Sawyer.  Grab your Kettlebells and brisk jog over to the bottom the stairs and form COP.

For the rest of the workout we remained in COP but mixed it up with some all group exercises or a rotation where half the group ran while the other performed a called KB exercise.  All the while, YHC’s playlist continued humming along.  About 10 min in, Tigerbeat strolls up claiming he thought we started at 545 – no worries – join the fun….to which he said – you guys got music?  Of course, it’s the Blitz!  Why not?

  • Around the World – AMRAP (as a group)
  • Figure 8 – AMRAP (as a group)
    • Group 1 – perform called KB exercise
    • Group 2 – leave KB’s and run up the stairs, turn right and run down the handicap ramp back to the circle.  Flapjack.

We did this rotation a few times while enjoying a few of YHC’s greatest hits.  Called KB exercises were mostly AMRAP and a smorgasbord of choices.  Here’s what I remember.

  • One Hand Swing (10 x right, 10 x left)
  • Goblet Squat – AMRAP
  • 2 hand swing (10 x right, 10x left)
  • Clean (10 x right, 10 x left)
  • Clean and Press (10x right, 10x left) #burner

Some KB exercises were repeated as one of the groups ran.  With the playlist humming along, and the mumblechatter growing, we also mixed it up with some other F3 favorites like Squat Hold + 10 Burpees, Squat Hold + 5 Burpees, LBC’s, Reverse LBC’s, Kenpo Karate Boxing moves (this was when Eye of the Tiger was playing – Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut – right side first then left side). #PAXfavorite , American Hammers with the KB x10, LBC’s w/KB x 20, American Hammers w/out the KB, In and Outs, Plank, Chilcutt, Chilcutt Jacks.

We kept it moving but the party had to end so we grabbed our KB’s and returned briskly back to the parking lot.  Ended with the Bird Dog Crunch Merkin (Start in Plank, do a Merkin, Right Arm Out – Left Leg Out, Bring Right Elbow and Left Knee in to touch – Extend back out, return to Plank and do the same thing with the Left Arm and Right Leg – we did 10 (5 right side, 5 left side).



  • Flag Football fund raiser for Neighbor to Neighbor (Saturday, April 18th) $15 per person.  They’re trying to raise $$ for a FF league.  See Macgruber or Zima for questions – check the F3 Raleigh Info page for a pre-blast.
  • Mud Run – Sat April 11th
  • More Blitz Q’s needed – see Bob Villa or sign up on the website
  • Go Ruck – Fall 2015 for Raleigh.
  • Blue Ridge Relay – signups are going on now to form a team.


  • Cinderella’s 2.0 Keller – sickness
  • Pergo’s sister was readmitted to the hospital with complications from surgery.  Keep praying for her recovery.
  • Tigerbeat shared from his heart – pray for his family
  • Hush Puppy’s dad

Naked Moleskin:

  • Alternate title – right before we got started, I had my phone hooked up to the small bluetooth speaker and we hear this “ding” for an email coming in at 530am.  I said – who’s emailing me at 530am?  Cinderella quietly replies “You can avoid ED”…momentary looks of “huh??” until Cinderella had to explain what ED stood for…great laughs all around.
  • Actual title – down on the field, YHC’s playlist continued and when we got to a Van Halen song, Gnard Dogg quietly mentions “I blossomed in the 80’s” – yep brother – the greatest decade.
  • On a more serious note, YHC was struck hard by Tigerbeats willingness to share from his heart.  We’ll keep praying for you brother.
  • In closing, YHC shared a brief story from a message by Dr. Charles Stanley who preaches from 5-530am on 98.9 FM.  I happened to catch some of it today and he was talking about letting go of the burdens that so easily tangle us in our lives.  Lay those burdens down brothers.  We have a great God who will carry us through. It was a pleasure leading you today.

One last thing, the playlist:

  • Tom Sawyer – Rush
  • Uprising – MUSE
  • The Fly – U2
  • The Power – Snap
  • Subdivisions – Rush
  • Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  • I’ll Wait – Van Halen
  • Vertigo – U2
  • Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots