9 PAX enjoyed a rare dry Wednesday morning at Erwin F. Fletcher Park.  YHC was especially glad to see Bikram return to Ball Bearings (those of you that were there for the morning we had a partner carry incident will know me and Bikram are special), as well as to see Wilson and Overdraft venture into the heart of ITB.  No FNGs, and lots of people apparently on spring break, so only a short disclaimer was offered.  Decent amount of running was in store for the PAX.

Jog to the upper field for warm-up:  SSH, Good Mornings, IW, Windmills and Fazios.

THE THANG (*For purposes of this set, the upper field is assumed to be 100M long.)

Quasi-Hi Fidelity:  100M sprint, 10 merkins, plank.  Repeat at 200M, 300M, 400M, 300M, 200M, 100M.  Recover on the jog to….

Dog Leg to Lamp’s Lamp:  Partner up at the shelter.  Partner 1 runs dog leg left to the first wall (10 derkin), second wall (10 irkin), Lamps’ lamp (3 burpees) then back to the shelter.  Partner 2 does continuous reps of 10 dips, 10 squats until Partner 1 returns.  Flapjack and repeat x 3.  Recover on the jog to……

Descending Jacob’s Ladder:  Nice to see a dry Hamburger Hill, so we did a descending Jacob’s Ladder (burpees at the top).

Jog up to the House of Cats for a quick People’s Chair.

MARY at upper area beside House of Cats.  Two PAX call an exercise and run down Hamburger Hill, across to the fence and back up Hamburger HIll.  Exercises were (I think) Freddies, Hammers, Box Cutters and Homer to Marge.

COT:  Floppy talked a lot about a lot of stuff.  See the Announcements area of this website.  Floppy then led us out.

Pleasure and a privilege to lead you men.