We all give thanks to Borland for his past 2 years of service to F3 Raleigh. Now, get to know our new 3rd F Q, Coco Crisp!

Name: Coco Crisp (Hospital Name: Kenny Maloney)
Age: 27
Email: kjmaloney93@gmail.com

About Me

My F3 journey began on May 15th, 2018. Before this, I was content with where I was at in my life – early in my career, enjoying NC State football games on the weekends, coaching little league baseball, going to the gym, playing in intramural sports, etc. Nothing really to complain about. But there was definitely a gap somewhere but I couldn’t quite figure out where. My younger brother, F3 Big Apple (from F3 ENC), joined and mentioned it to me, but they were primarily runners. I was not a runner nor did I have any intent on running. A few months went by, and one of my colleagues, Lurch, mentioned that he started posting. He invited me out for a few months, and then on 5/15/2018, I posted for the first time at Crucible.

It took me a few months to really get into a routine and I really committed to change in January 2019. I started posting 3x a week, going to EC’s, and started to notice some real physical change. What caught me by surprise though, is how my perspective changed on my Faith. I was a part of bible studies, went to mass regularly, but never really felt an emotional connection to it. As I got to know more and more PAX throughout the region, learned about their Faith journeys, and listened intently during COT,  I realized that it was okay to lead a life of Faith. That was always a big fear of mine. I was living with this perception that was completely fabricated, and the PAX of F3 Raleigh helped break down that barrier.

As I transition into the role of 3rd F Q, I’m excited about what we can do together as a region to continue making an impact on Raleigh and the Triangle. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve and I look forward to seeing you out in the gloom!

Thanks again!