Pikachu with the Q as 11 Pax showed up to show off to the crowds at Womble, and to learn that the thorns in the grass had grown considerable since last week……

Warm Up:
Jog over to grassy patch at end of tennis courts
Side Straddle Hop x25
Cotton Picker x10
Merkin IC x10

The Thang

Jog to rock pile, grab a rock, jog over to amphitheater
Drop rocks, Q moved one rock out a ways

**Partner up**
Wheel barrels to the rock out a ways
At end – Merkin squats with partner x20 OYO
Both bear crawl back and repeat, switching the wheel barrel

20 LBCs for recovery

Wheel barrels (broken for those who were brave) in the same fashion
At end – Merkin & rows x20 OYO
Both bear crawl back and repeat, switching on the wheel barrels

Grab rock, jog back to flags and drop rocks.

Climate change – circle up holding Al Gore, Pax goes around each doing 5 burpees while rest hold Al Gore.
Bonus – hold rock during Al Gore

Return rocks to pile and take an easy jog over to the loop around the soccer fields.

Black Snake – Indian run but guy in back has to weave between Pax. Went around the soccer field loop. Circled up near soccer fields for some LBCs and mountain climbers.  Pax reconveined and headed back to rock pile – grabbed a heavy rock and laid down (in the thorns) for 20 chest presses IC

Returned rocks and jogged over to tennis courts for some Mary

Protractor around the horn 10 count
Plank around the horn 10 count